Golden Retriever Adoption Southern California

Looking for Golden Retriever Adoption in Southern California? Learn more about the Southern California Golden retriever adoption and fostering programs…

There are many Southern California golden retriever adoption, fostering and rescue programs. Many purebred dogs are found abandoned by their owners once they become too large to handle by family members. Sometimes the dogs are purchased by owners for their cuteness without thought for the fact that they will grow up into adults.

There are rescue companies like the original Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue organization. Their dogs are kept in foster homes until they are adopted. The pets are completely socialized and are never kept in a kennel to be handed out to the first person who visits them.

Each purebred golden retriever given for adoption in Southern California by the group is tested for its temperament and completely socialized. The aim of the adoption society is to provide the right home. Each dog has their personal representative that works on providing the proper placement. The aim is to get a loving lifetime home for the canine rather than short-term adoption.

There are many canines that are found in an abused and neglected condition. These dogs are taken care of and the unwell are treated, the injured healed. The neglect is minimized and rehabilitation is focused on.

Process For Adopting A Golden Retriever In Southern California

In order to adopt a Golden retriever in Southern California the animal shelters and rescue services provide certain basic guidelines.

The main idea is to give the dog a loving home, and it is easy to choose one of the adult dogs from the shelter. An online application process must be filled out,  which is then reviewed by the dog placement team. A representative schedules an appointment for an in-house interview. There is a request of a small donation at this point.

The representatives are the ones choosing the right home for the dog, and they take a lot of time in deciding the right placement. Owners with rigid requirements are often facilitated in the longest time frames because it might be difficult to meet their criteria. However, having your own criteria is no reason for you to be neglected by the animal shelter staff. Their aim is to provide both the owners and pet with the right mix.

Children and Adopted Golden Retrievers

The dogs arrive at the shelter with unique circumstances, and these are taken into consideration when providing a match with the new family. Families with children under the age of seven are given special consideration because the dog must be of a temperament that can be safe around children.

Dogs that are not socialized with children, were not good towards children in the past, or end up being incompatible due to their high energy level will not be placed with families which have small children. Any stray golden retriever which does not have any documentation about its history with children will not be given for adoption to such a family to avoid a safety risk.

There is a great deal of demand for golden retrievers up for adoption in Southern California, especially with child experience. Therefore, families with children will have to wait longer for the right golden retriever that is customized and socialized with children.

Another option for someone looking at a pet in a much faster timeframe is to go for one of the senior dogs that are more docile and have a gentle nature. These are very compatible with children. Even though most of the golden retrievers are housetrained, they will require some time to orient themselves to the new environment. Therefore, theyneed patient owners.

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