Goleta Beach California

Interested in the beach in Goleta California? Learn more about the Santa Barbara County and the beach in Goleta California…

The beach in Goleta California is being substantiated by a new plan for the Goleta Beach County Park. The county park will be revamped and equipped to accommodate the more than 1 1/2 million tourists who flock to this region every year. There are many amazing hiking trails which start off at the collective beach county spot and go through the coastal cliffs ending in Santa Barbara at the University of California.

One of the most popular trails is the one that encircles Goleta Beach and the UCSB lagoon, ending at Goleta Point. This point is surrounded by the ocean on three sides making it a stunning approach. There are tide pools and a beautiful coastal region to take in. The total trail is four miles long, and you would gain around 50 feet in terms of elevation. It is popular with beachcombers because you just need to be fit enough to walk and the trail it is not very difficult to navigate. The beach looks stunning because you can actually enjoy swimming in the water and then take on hiking trails in the region.

Pristine Location of the Beach in Goleta California

Since the beach lies just east of the University of California, Santa Barbara campus, it is frequented by the students. Amazingly covered with dense forests and pristine blue waters this beach is partly man-made. It was finalized when sand was put into the sand spit in 1945. In terms of nature, the beach sees migratory shorebirds which include many endangered species. Interestingly enough you will find the beach at Goleta California closed at times so that it can be nourished and revamped.

Preserving the Beach at Goleta California

A lot of effort has been put into preserving this beach and it has paid off over the years. These improvements include a managed retreat, the beach nourishment program and a coastal defense strategy. This is implemented with the use of breakwaters in the form of a harbor. The most inexpensive strategy is the beach nourishment program. Sand is transported to the beach and it is closed for the public to be is revamped and thrive before being accessible again.

The uniqueness of the beach in at Goleta is beautiful. You actually have the cliffs on which the homes are built upon. The ocean hits the cliffs and surfers can actually walk onto the beach right outside their homes and enter the beach in a minute. The stairways are built going down to 14 or 50 foot high bluffs and make beautiful access points for the public. Some of them have been damaged by the storms in the previous years but they have been reinforced on the main beach.

While residents flock the area, it is not very popular with tourists who find it very basic and only environmentally interesting. For the residents the beach is like and an extension of their homes. It is mainly a residential beach. You can see a lot of college housing because it is a college town. The student accommodation rentals are preferred by those visiting this area. There is, however, high quality resort accommodations and hotels that are upscale and quite expensive. This beach is preferred by those who like something out of the ordinary and do not want to simply take in the usual beachcombing activities.

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