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Northern California offers challenging jobs when it comes to the grocery retail industry. In order to service the lush market of northern California, a highly specialized network of retail managers are required. Most of the grocery stores function as licensed or franchised chains across the state. Therefore, from the ground staff level to the retail chain manager, there are opportunities available for enthusiastic candidates. By searching online it is possible to receive data and opportunities regarding the vacancies available in Northern California for grocery retail jobs.

Types of Grocery Retail Northern California Jobs

Leading companies offer the chance to work as a retail Sales Accounts Manager with high ranging companies. Based in Irwindale, California, this position would pay anywhere between $95,000 to $115,000 for the right candidate. The basic job description would allow you to work for award-winning companies with a leading name in the fresh food industry. They look for competitive candidates to fill in the positions in a responsible manner.

Types of Products

Products like fresh-cut produce require careful management and effective delivery to retail and food service customers across Northern California. This offer is a great opportunity for retail grocery jobs like supply-chain management for retail outlets that require meat, produce, poultry and dairy products.

Procurement, purchasing, category merchant’s and specific product buyers make a good fit for the grocery retail jobs in Northern California. Of course, a background in such job positions would be an added advantage for an entry-level position. However, it is possible to get basic hands-on training on the job. For senior management one would have to have proper experience in elements like procurement, management, purchasing for the retail level. The industries that look at retail grocery jobs include the deli and seafood industry.

A bachelor’s degree and prior experience in handling raw meat products would be essential for the grocery retail industry. The products include beef, poultry, fish, frozen and non frozen seafood. The incumbent would have to create an assortment of product categories for the purpose of reselling generic meat products for a profit. The raw food grocery retail manager would have to have fair knowledge of the USDA/FDA requirements for handling raw food and food practices applicable to this particular product.

Interactions Of The Grocery Retail Levels

The person generally involved in grocery retail jobs in Northern California would have to work in collusion with regional, local and national vendors, suppliers and distributors of the grocery products. These could include daily vendors, meat vendors, poultry producers, packaging suppliers, transportation and cold storage shipping companies. Furthermore, the person would have to be very skilled in vendor negotiation as working on grocery retail jobs allows you to pick the best product at the right price.

What You Need For These Positions

The positions at grocery retail businesses include the setting of sales targets, achieving dollar sales and margin goals while planning promotions and rebates on slow inventory.

Advantages Of Grocery Retail Jobs In Northern California

Generally the grocery retail jobs in Northern California are very popular due to the career and monetary benefits. This highly competitive market offers great pay packages with additional benefits and bonuses. Since it’s a target oriented job it will allow an increase on the monetary front. There is also a provision for rapid expansion up the career ladder. Since most of the chains are regional-based, it is possible to grow in terms of exposure on the retail levels or geographic distribution.

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