History Of Rotary And Nature Center Oakland California

Is nature something you enjoy? Does history fascinate you? Do you want to know more about the Rotary and Nature Center located in Oakland California? Our guide can give you more facts and information…

The history of the Rotary and Nature Center in Oakland, California is very interesting, and this center has plenty to offer nature lovers and history buffs alike. The nature center is located at Lakeside Park, near the Lake Merritt Institute, and the original goal of the refuge was to maintain Lake Merritt, enhance and preserve the natural beauty and habitat of the area, and to restore any areas in the refuge that needed to be worked on. Now this big attraction helps educate visitors on the nature and the history of the area.

Started Back In 1870

The Rotary and Nature Center in Oakland California was first created in the year 1870. The mayor of the town, Mayor Merritt, declared that the lake and surrounding area was to be designated a wildlife refuge. The center is overseen by the Lake Merritt Institute and is maintained by the Public Works Agency of the City of Oakland, California. Through the years in history the bird population has thrived, and now the Rotary and Nature Center in Oakland, California attracts people from all over.

Created For People And Animals Both

When the Rotary and Nature Center was started back in history, the aim of the founder was to create a place where both people and animals could coexist together. The center offers protective duck islands and other natural habitat choices, to help protect the wildlife in the refuge and give them a natural habitat to use. The design of this refuge here in Oakland, California, was well thought out and planned. The Rotary and Nature Center also includes fenced in ponds with fresh water, so that the birds have plenty of resources. Kayaking and other types of boating are also allowed in some areas, so you can get into the water and see the birds up close.

The Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park is home to the Rotary and Nature Center, but through the years more attractions have been added as well. You can also find Children’s Fairyland, and ideal place for children to play and use their imagination.  The Gondola Servizio is also offered, and guests can take a gondola ride through the natural beauty of the area. The nature center was designed by the first naturalist in Oakland, a man named Paul F. Covel. The planning allowed the natural habitat of the area to remain untouched, while making it easier for people to come in and view this natural splendor. This is done without damaging the environment or upsetting the wild birds and other species.

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