American Bulldog Temperament

The American bulldog temperament has some similarities with that of the English bulldog. This article lets you know the different ways that you can control the American bulldog temperament.

American bulldogs have great social skills when they are exposed to various people, animals and places. Generally, American bulldogs have the tendency to be aggressive. The only way to change this aggression towards other people and animals is to make them interact and mingle with them from the time that they are still a puppy. Teaching these dogs how to socialize well will play an important role in how they behave towards people in the future.

The most apparent American bulldog temperament is their bond and affection to their owners. If this type of bulldog receives proper training early on, they will turn out to be confident, active and social dogs. Taking the dog on regular walks outside can greatly help improve the dog’s socialization skill. American bulldogs make great pets if properly exercised, trained and socialized.


American bulldogs that have a pure breed are intelligent and obedient. They make for a great watch dog, guard dog as well as family dog. When training American bulldogs, reward in the form of compliments and treats should be given. Just like human beings, these kinds of dogs respond so well to positive reinforcement. Pampering them when they are obedient can help make the training easier and faster. American bulldogs are always on guard when it comes to protecting their owners.
However, stubbornness is also an American bulldog temperament. They would sometimes test their owners’ tolerance towards them. There are many times also that they will not respond quickly to the command of their owners. So, it is best to remain patient and understanding during these times. American bulldogs do not easily get into fights with other dogs unless they are provoked.


Bravery is the American bulldog temperament that sets them apart from other dogs. They have strong instincts and they are very protective of their owners and  territory. The ideal time to give them the training is at their early age. Through these trainings, they will learn their limits and how to control their behavior. They are great family pets when they receive proper training.

When training an American bulldog, you need to be consistent in giving rewards to strengthen good behavior and you must clearly say your command. Avoid changing or mumbling your command when you train them. Consistency is crucial in trying to develop the dog’s response to the commands given to them. This kind of discipline will play an important role in the way your dog will behave as it gets older.

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