Internships In Southern California

Looking for good Internships In Southern California? Learn more about organizations that work on providing Southern California internships with leading government and private companies…

When looking for internships in Southern California, it is possible to get government or private-sector internships. There are placement agencies that you should opt for, as these provide screened and qualified potential employers. This means that if you were to intern in Southern California your resume would be provided to reputable companies on the panels of different placement agencies.

Why Intern in Southern California?

Going for internships while you are still in school shows an aptitude towards a good work ethic. It is a good idea to start early and work your way into the corporate environment well ahead of the competition. An employer knows that they don’t have much time to waste when searching for interns, and any good resume or walk in internee is just not good enough today. You have to get in the system the way the employer is working.  If employers are all registered with placement agencies then they will give preference to those students recommended by the placement agency.

Types of Services for internships in Southern California

An idea of selecting the right internship in Southern California is to provide a good start to your career. You don’t simply get a list of companies that can potentially hire you when they need an extra pair of hands. The idea is to get on board and assess your weaknesses and strengths to groom you properly for the right position. If you know how to present yourself to the right organization, it makes all the difference in getting hired.

Your work style will be analyzed immediately and at a later date when you start working at the internship. However, your confidence and skill set in terms of personal communication will be assessed immediately when you meet the potential employer. There has to be a good match between your skill set and orientation of the position offered at any organization. There should be no miscommunication and the right alignment of the intern and the company should be managed properly.

Types of Internships

Students and professionals both benefit from the right internship. Sometimes it is not possible to get the middle management position. You have to start as an internee at leading companies across the United States, and especially in Southern California that has a very competitive job market.

Not only are Southern California companies offering internships to local residents, but they are also available for overseas candidates who qualify. The visa requirements are also handled by these companies offering employment to foreigners. Candidates can look at different reports on online portals from any part of the world and join the companies if they are selected.

The main idea is to have an innovative and effective workforce and start grooming them from the beginning at the internships level. This allows creativity and assertiveness to be ingrained in the workforce at any company from the entry-level.

Government and Non-Profit Internships

When it comes to government and non-profit Internships there are options available at the California State Government Department for students. You can also intern at the Office of the Governor, who is presently Arnold Schwarzenegger! Additionally, internship opportunities are available at the Southern California Office of the Attorney General in the Dept. of Justice.

Students can also apply to different divisions at CalTrans, which is consistently looking for interns in the department of Transportation. Most people are unaware that they can continue to scout different departments to keep abreast of any internship that opens up even if they are not consistently available when you are applying for a job.

Good options to look at include the  California Academy of Sciences, the California Coastal Commission, and even the California Employment Development Department for student assistant jobs.

The California Film Commission also offers a very challenging environment and consistently has new openings were internships are available under different categories. For those interested in furthering their career with the government and utilizing their biology degrees internships can be had with the California State Parks.

For a challenging career why not start off at the Capital Fellows Programs? For science students the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (which is a subdivision of NASA) all offer challenging opportunities to start off in the engineering department or research facility.

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