Irish Jewelry Pendants

Looking for Irish jewelry pendants? Want to know about the many different jewelry pendants available? Read our guide for facts & information on choosing the right pendant for your needs…

Irish jewelry pendants come in various styles, most commonly the Celtic cross. With a history spanning more than 1,500 years, this pattern has a circle at the intersection of the cross. Jewelry pendants incorporating this design have innovative geometric patterns and curves to heighten the exquisite style.

Originally, the Celtic cross was known as the Sun Wheel and referred to the Norse Sun God, Odin. Pendants are now styled in the shape of hearts or roses in keeping with modern times. Designers also capture the fluid movement of birds in flight and translate them into spirals and curvi-linear shapes in alloys like silver or precious metals like platinum and gold as pendants.

Emeralds and rubies are mounted on Irish jewelry pendants for luster and sparkle. Man-made diamonds like cubic zirconia have gained popularity as a substitute for real diamonds on jewelry pendants.

Symbols Used in Jewelry Pendants

The symbols that are used in Irish jewelry pendants are most often of Celtic origin. Ancient Celtic pendant designs like the Claddaugh, with two hands cradling a crowned heart, symbolize love, loyalty and friendship. Mothers’ pendants in colored stones are a favorite Claddaugh jewelry. Knots decorate Celtic art and crafts including clothing, religious manuscripts and Irish jewelry.

A trinity knot, or triquetra, is the earliest symbol of the Christian faith and predates the cross by several hundred years. It’s use in Irish jewelry pendants is widespread. It is made up of three inter-locking circles which signified earth, air and water, the cornerstone of pre-Christian beliefs.

The triskele, consisting of three spirals, is the oldest spiritual symbol in Ireland and is believed to denote the sun. Jewelry pendants fashioned after triskele patterns are attractive when hung on silver or gold chains. Circles in Celtic times signified the eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth. Now, Irish jewelry pendants are crafted into exquisite circles inlaid with diamonds and precious gems.

When you’re looking for pendants to hang on your choker or chain, choose Irish jewelry pendants with ancient Celtic symbols of life, love and loyalty. Jewelry pendants embedded with precious stones in timeless designs are an excellent testament to your taste and complement your grand sense of style.

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