Los Coyotes Indian Reservation

Want to learn more about the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation? Read on for facts and info on the largest Native American reservation of San Diego…

The Los Coyotes Indian Reservation is credited as being the single largest Native American reservation in the entire San Diego County. It consists of almost 25,000 acres of tribal land all of which is federally recognized. One of the most unique things about this particular Native Indian Reservation is the fact that it has some exquisite remote areas on almost inaccessible high mountains in parts of Southern California.

Some of these areas experience extreme climatic conditions especially during the winter season. The San Diego mountains have more than 3 feet of snow during the winter season which causes all roads and alternative access routes to be blocked.

Hot Springs Mountain

In its essence the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation can be considered to be an elevated national park rather than an actual city where society flourishes. The highest lookout point of San Diego County is situated within this reservation. This is known as the Hot Springs Mountain which is a favored tourist destination in this region. The massive natural structure measures 6533 feet at its peak. Although the neighboring Cuyamaca Peak is more famous, the former measures to be 11 feet higher at its peak.

The Hot Springs Mountain offers a flabbergasting view of the Pacific Ocean on a clear day. There is a special designated area on the peak which has been termed as the viewpoint. Also visible from this vantage point is the Salton Sea.


The impressive Los Coyotes Indian Reservation is situated at an 18 mile drive from downtown San Diego in the North eastern direction. The reservation has the Cleveland National Forest on one side with the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park on the other. Generally tourists make their way to the region starting their journey from Julian. On the way they are bound to pass by the Kumeyaay Santa Ysable Indian Reservation as well as the Mataguay Scout Ranch.

Also in the neighborhood of the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation is a small mountain village by the name of Warner Springs. One of the latest developments in the region is the Los Coyotes Campground which has been set up by the locals in the attempt to earn a decent living from their reservation. This development has further boosted tourism to the region and it has turned out to be a successful business venture for the locals.

The Cahuilla Indians were responsible for initiating the idea for Los Coyotes Campground. Tourists to the campground can engage in a wide variety of holiday activities ranging from camping to horse camping, hiking trails, four wheel off-roading and biking activities.

The tribe responsible for developing the camp ground has a total of 288 enrolled members with up to 74 tribal members that dwell on the location.

This tribe is originally from South Carolina and is currently divided into the San Diego and Riverside County communities. The Cahuilla Indians have been at the front of conflicts throughout the course of history but now enjoy a peaceful life in the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation.


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