Mattress Manufacturers Northern California

Looking for a mattress manufacturer in Northern California? Learn more about the luxurious, handcrafted mattress manufacturers in Northern California…

When it comes to mattress manufacturers, Northern California ranks very high in quality producers. As a base for leading providers of this product you can find luxurious comfort in a very economical manner.

There are brands like the everlasting McRoskey Mattress which is painstakingly handcrafted in San Francisco since the year 1899. This company has grown on to ship the mattresses across the globe for different clients. The box springs and mattresses are both constructed with high quality materials and finishing. The company is known for its exacting standards to make the perfect comfortable bed.

There are different mattresses available from manufacturers in California. One popular item is the basic mattress and box spring set. This can be utilized comfortably because it is in a medium price range. The firmness offered by the mattress is of a medium level so it becomes very convenient for most people to use.

Most of the mattresses are available as king-size, queen, double tall, double, twin tall and twin. There are also cot sizes for baby cots. Local manufacturers often have an additional delivery charge for supplying the mattress at home. The charges depend on the location of delivery and are reasonable for Northern California. However, if you want to have the mattress delivered outside of this region it will cost more.

Specs of Good Mattresses

Mattresses are available in heights of 7 1/2 to 8 inches, while the box spring should be roughly seven inches in height. This makes for a very comfortable bed. Most of the manufacturers offer guarantees and warranties for six to eight years. Choosing the right mattress manufacturer in Northern California is very easy with the options available.

There is also a special directory that lists the mattress manufacturers and distributors. You can simply check the reviews for each product on different websites before purchasing them even if you cannot access the retail outlet.

Types of Mattress Manufacturers In Northern California

The different types of mattresses available for sale in Northern California include the hospital mattresses, water mattresses and air mattresses. If you require beach mattresses it is possible to find specific manufacturers that offer a host of products. Those suffering from medical conditions should invest in a high-quality and affordable medical mattress.

Specific materials like urethane foam and sponge rubber are used to craft the mattresses. If you don’t want to purchase the full mattress then you can get reinforcement with a mattress pad or highly padded mattress covers that can be removed and washed. For those air and water mattresses that are prone to tearing, you can get mattress adhesives. To keep your inflatable mattresses safe it is also possible to get the zippered mattress bags crafted out of high-quality plastic.

Another leading brand in Northern California is the Simmons® brand for high-quality mattresses. It is manufactured by the Simmons Bedding Company. The company has to its credit clients like Eleanor Roosevelt and has 37 manufacturers as licensed subsidiaries. They make pillows, blankets and bed sheets along with the mattresses for a restful sleep.

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