Mens American Eagle Shirts

Interested in men’s American eagle shirts? Explore the impressive variety of stylish shirts for men developed by American Eagle…

American Eagle is renowned for producing an impressive variety of shirts for men. The collection of men’s shirts from the company include classic casual shirts to oxford standard formal shirts and unique themed shirts as well.

Some of the most popular American Eagle Men’s shirts are as follows:

American Eagle Western Shirt

The classic looking American Eagle Western Shirt is a new arrival in the market. It screams all American Eagle attitude and has a classic Western design and feel to it. Made of 100% cotton the style retails for $39.50. The easy to wear shirt is imported in White only and is machine washable. One feel of the crisp woven cotton and Vintage Fit is all you need to buy this classic design. The shirt is embellished with front pockets which snap closed and has a snap front placket. It has large alternating plaid prints and is finished off with high quality Chambray denim cuff lining

Eagle Madras Shirt

The American Eagle Madras shirt is another new arrival that has become the classic American Eagle style icon for all day and a night out too! The shirt made of 100% cotton retails for $39.50 and is made of crisp woven cotton. The high quality fabric is machine washable. This imported shirt has a vintage fit and is embellished with metal painted buttons. It gets its name from the colorful madras plaid print which makes up the fabric design. The detailing is finished off with the signature Eagle chest embroidery
American Eagle Cadet Shirt

Another new design in 100% cotton this light weight versatile piece of clothing is a summer essential. Available at $34.50 per piece the shirt in crisp woven cotton has a vintage fit and comes embellished with metal painted buttons. It has a two-pocket style and short sleeves that have button tabs. This imported shirt is machine washable and available in a soothing olive color.

American Eagle Plaid Summer Shirt

This new arrival is an instant hit in Blue Plaid and is made of 100% Cotton. At $29.50 this cool summer style shirt has a traditional Oxford cut and vintage fit. The short sleeves, button down collar and one-pocket styling complements the summer plaid pattern perfectly. This imported shirt is Machine Washable and easy to care for as the fabric is light weight cotton.

The American Eagle Premium Shirt

This shirt is a classic piece in 100% Cotton and leaves a lasting impression. At $49.50 this shirt is made of the softest premium cotton in a vintage fit. It has a pointed collar with stays and is embellished with pearlized buttons and has a variegated stripes pattern. It is finished off with Eagle chest embroidery and for durability has a reinforced interior neck trim. This shirt is machine washable and imported only in white.

Eagle Striped Shirt

This shirt available only in Charcoal is a classic AE style for day and night wear. The crisp woven cotton is cut to a Vintage Fit. The one pocket styling sits well with the pearlized buttons and vertical striping pattern. The shirt is finished off with a pointed collar with stays and a reinforced interior neck trim along with the Eagle embroidery on pocket.

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