Cheap Houses for Sale in Bulgaria Near Beach

Are you looking to purchase a cheap house near the beach? Do you want to learn about some of the excellent houses for sale in Bulgaria? Read our guide for more facts and information…


The home in this village is situated only 15km away from the sea and all the enjoyments of the beach. The house itself is 60 square metres and includes an additional 1050 square metres of garden space. The property is a one storey building with two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a hallway; the toilet and bathroom is located in an outbuilding on the property. This house for the relatively cheap sum of 20 000 Euros is in very good condition and ready for residents to move in right away. The small village is home to many shops, cafes and churches and also provides regular bus service to and from Varna which is the closest regional centre.

Dolen Chiflik

This home that is for sale is about 45km away from Varna as it is situated in the village of Dolen Chiflik which is very close to one of Bulgaria’s beaches. The house is 80 square metres and features a 970 square metre garden; the home features four bedrooms as well as some outbuildings that include the toilet. The building features the modern amenities of electricity and running water, this in combination with the good condition of the house makes the property an excellent value for 15 000 Euros.  It may also add additional incentive to purchase this property as it is situated on a corner property.

Near Dobrich

This property is a mere 10 km away from the sandy beaches and the property is easily accessed as there is an asphalt road. This cheap house is a one storey building and features four bedrooms that comprise the 80 square metres of the property. The property also includes a 910 square metre garden as is common in most Bulgarian homes. This property is located in the heart of the village; however, it is an older house meaning that repairs will be required before you will be able to move in. The property does include electricity and running water and is for sale for only 8000 Euros. It is also important to note that this home is close to many of Bulgaria’s cities that have employment opportunities in tourism and fishing.


The house for sale is available for the price of 14 000 Euros. The property is located away from the city centre and the noise pollution but near enough to the well developed town that accessing necessities is relatively easy.  It should also be noted that in just a short drive it is possible to reach the beach. The village itself has a post office and regular bus service; however, there is a mixture of asphalt and gravel roads as you near the outskirts of the city. The house is 80 square metres featuring three bedrooms and the garden is 2000 square metres allowing the residents plenty of space to enjoy their property.

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