Michael Jackson’s Kids At Home Encino California

Interested in Michael Jackson’s kids at home Encino California? Learn more about the move of Michael Jackson’s kids to the Encino home in California with Grandmother Kathryn Jackson…

Since his demise, Michael Jackson’s kids have been moved to the Encino home in California with his mother. She’s been granted temporary custody till the court decided on whom to award custody of the children. The children, Paris 11, Prince Michael 12 and Blanket seven, have been living with their grandparents since the demise of their father. Relatives have been visiting since they are allowed to meet with the children at the premises of their grandmother. The huge mansion known as Haven Hurst is perhaps the ideal location for the children to enjoy a protected and safe environment.

Custody of The Children Of Michael Jackson

The grandparents have appealed to the courts to retain custody and guardianship of the three children. However, the biological mother of Prince Michael and Paris Michael may be a likely candidate for custody if she opts for it.

Haven Hurst is actually considered the Jackson family compound. It is where the Jackson five were born. The large black wrought-iron gate is the only barricade between thousands of fans outside and family members inside. The paparazzi and TV crews are not far behind. Everyone wants some information on the latest events following the death of the music icon.

The Jackson family home is placed in a quiet and upscale suburban neighborhood. Even though the neighbors interact and exchange pleasantries, very few children meet with the kids residing in that home. Since the move of Michael Jackson’s children into the Encino home in California there has been constant police protection. Personal security has been arranged at the premises to control the crowds and TV crews. Many memorials have also been constructed outside the family home.

The Encino home in which the children currently reside is owned by Kathryn Jackson. All three of the children have been given a home that is protected and safe in this mansion. Currently Randy, Jermaine and Jackie Jackson also reside in this mansion. This is considered the family home and only Joe Jackson does not live there presently. However he used to reside there when they were young boys and part of Jackson Five.

Shifting Of Belongings From Michael Jackson’s Home To Encino Home

The belongings of Michael Jackson’s three children had been packed from his house and transported to the Haven Hurst mansion in order to accommodate the children. Even Michael Jackson’s personal belongings have been packed up under supervision of his sister Janet Jackson, who was also accompanied by LaToya Jackson. There is always a concern about breaking and entering to steal Michael Jackson’s valuable items and sell them as collector’s items. His prized possessions kept at his own mansion have been packed up for safe keeping. There are many valuables belonging to the music icon that can be auctioned off as he is no longer alive.

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