Motorcyle Accident Lawyers New York City

Have you had a traffic accident in New York City? Are you looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer? Then read our guide for tips on finding the best motorcycle accident attorney for you…

An accident involving your motorcycle in New York City could be an especially disturbing prospect. Motorcyclists and their passengers are about 32 times more likely to die in a motor vehicle accident and six times more likely to be seriously injured than people driving or riding in cars. You may not know where to turn to for help – especially the kind of legal help that an attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents can provide for you.

The Type of Attorney You Will Need

Because of its vast size and large population New York City is home not only to personal injury attorneys who specialize into motor vehicle accidents, but motorcycle accident lawyers who not only ride motorcycles, but who also specialize in cases that involve motorcycle accidents. For example, a motorcycle accident lawyer might even need to distinguish between a poorly maintained bike and a poorly made motorcycle when seeking damages from a manufacturer. Not just any attorney is up to such tasks.

A good motor cycle accident attorney is well aware that accidents scenes involving motorcycles can be particularly chaotic and that injuries sustained in such mishaps can be particularly severe.  Try to find an attorney that understands the risk that motorcyclists face every day on the road and who can convince a judge or jury to understand and sympathize with those risks. Those risks can include everything from inattentive motorists, to rapidly changing weather conditions, to poorly maintained roads, to roads that are poorly designed as well.

Your lawyer should be able to easily overcome any inherent prejudice that a judge or jury might harbor about people that ride motorcycles for business or pleasure. Such an attorney should be able to present a convincing case that you are the victim of another’s carelessness or neglect and that you as a motorcyclist are in no way careless or negligent yourself.

Location Matters Too

New York City is made up of five different boroughs. There are significant variations even among the boroughs that can affect your case. You should consider these differences when contracting the services of a motorcycle accident attorney. Your lawyer should be aware of the road conditions in the area in which your accident occurred. He or she should be able to use that knowledge to your advantage. The attorney you use should also be as familiar as possible with the court system where your case may be tried and the judges and attorneys that operate in that locale. Bringing in legal help from outside that area in which your motorcycle accident occurred may not help and could even be resented.

Track Record

The motorcycle accident lawyer you choose should have a successful track record of cases. Often these can be found in a “verdicts & settlements” section in their brochures or on their websites. You may also be able to get a feel for the kind of help or treatment you will get by visiting a law firm’s web site and sampling a “Frequently Asked Questions” section. More and more such sites operated by motorcycle accident lawyers feature a live chat section where you can pose questions to an individual over the Net.

Seek out a motorcycle accident lawyer who agrees to waive their fee until you collect a settlement. Try to speak personally to an attorney. Act quickly after an accident for the best results.

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