French Antique Guns

Looking to buy some antique French guns? Want to know how to tell the difference between genuine antique guns and fakes? Our guide to French antique guns gives you the facts & information you want to know.

French antique guns are a highly valuable commodity and provided they are kept safe and in good conditions they can also prove to be lucrative investments in the long term. The history of gun making in France began towards the end of the 18th century when one of the first guns made in France was issued to the Gendarme, or police in 1770. This single shot pistol known as the Pistolet De Gendarme Mle 1770 was standard issue and made from a mixture of wooden frame with metal working parts.

One of the most famous antique French guns is known as ‘Le Francais’ and actually consists of several different models all based upon the same basic design. This .25 caliber antique French gun first saw production at the start of the 20th century and was used throughout WWI by the French military.  This French antique gun quickly became the most advanced and popular on the market in France and was distinguished from other guns at the time in several ways. This model continued to be made up until after the end of WWII with several updates and modifications being introduced periodically.

Buying Antique French Guns

Because guns are a controlled product in Europe it is not easy to pick one up from anywhere, even if the gun you happen to be looking for is a French antique and the chances of it doing any damage are minimal. The best place to buy a French antique gun is from a reputable antiques dealer, not necessarily in France, although France is where you will find the biggest range of various different models of French antique guns. If purchasing a gun, you may want to consider investing in an antique French cabinet in which to keep your guns.

Restoring Antique French Guns

French antique guns are actually remarkably sturdy and need very little by way of restoration providing you don’t intend to reactivate the gun and fire it. Antique French guns are basically a mixture of wooden frames with metal mechanical parts attached and the only maintenance they need are periodical polishing and greasing to prevent rust.

Reproduction Antique French Guns

With the recent upsurge in appreciation for all antique guns, several companies have now begun to produce reproduction antique guns, not only from France but from all countries. If you are looking for a decorative piece for your cabinet but don’t want to shell out the money for a genuine French antique gun then perhaps purchasing a reproduction item is a good idea for you. Some reproduction items are highly ornamented, often with patterns of antique french roses imprinted or carved onto the gun grip.

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