Native American Opal Jewelry

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Opal has been one of the most popularly used precious gemstones in the history of Native American jewelry. The collection of Native American opal jewelry continues to fascinate the masses even today.

Some of the most impressive varieties of Native American opal jewelry available in the market today as follows:

Elegant Lab Opal Necklace and Earring Set by Fritson Toledo

As the name suggests this impressive piece of Native American jewelry is the epitome of elegance. Lab opal occupies the center spot in this spectacular handmade jewelry set. The set features impressive silver work that has an astounding flowing design. The necklace measures 20” long and can be adjusted. It comes with a pendant with wings along with a set of beautiful matching earrings. It is available in the market for a bargain price of $384.

Sterling Silver 4 Feather Necklace with Large Sugilite and Boulder Opal Pendant

This one of a kind sterling silver 4 feather necklace is incredibly detailed. It has been meticulously hand crafted by jewelry artist Carolyn Sandoval, an individual of Navajo ancestry. The hand stamp work on the necklace and sugilite work to bring the item to life. The boulder opals have been scalloped in a bezel surrounded by silver balls along with hand cut work. You have the choice to wear the pendant independently from the four feather necklace. This impressive piece of Native American opal jewelry will cost you a little over nine hundred dollars.

Sterling Silver Inlaid Spirit Line Bear Reversible Pendant

This unique design features a multi stone inlaid sterling silver spirit line bear pendant of Navajo lineage. Intricately designed this pendant can actually be reversed to give you a different feel. While one side is inlaid with turquoise, jet, lab opal and coral the other side is dedicated solely to lab opal. You can get your hands on all this brilliance for a bargain price of $72 only.

Sterling Silver Inlaid Multi-Stone Pendant by Lucy Cayatineto

This beautiful pendant features a total of eleven inlaid hand cut opal stones and jet. The bale can be worn with a chain that comes along with the set. The multi-stone setting gives the pendant an eye catchy look. This Native American opal jewelry item is affordable at $87.50.

Quality Lab Opal Inlay Bracelet by Lucy Cayatineto and Ella Cowboy

This is yet another exclusive handmade design featuring intricate etching along with a fine setting of opal stones. This bracelet can cost you up to two hundred dollars.

Quality Lab Opal and Coral Inlay Bracelet by Lucy Cayatineto and Ella Cowboy

Designed by Lucy Cayatineto and Ella Cowboy this attractive bracelet takes its inspiration from the Navajo heritage. It features a unique setting of two of the most popularly used gemstones in Native American jewelry which are lab opals and coral. It has been given an inlay bracelet design which gives it the Native American touch,. It is a perfect fit for a 6 1/4” wrist with a 1 1/8” opening. You can get your hands into this impressive bracelet for about $192.

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