Native American Turquoise Jewelry

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Native American jewelry is characterized by its brilliant works in turquoise. This has been the oldest used material by the Natives for the purpose of creating jewelry. The timeless beauty of Native American turquoise Jewelry has made it popular amongst the masses even today.

Some fine examples of Native American Turquoise Jewelry are given below.

Navajo – Apache Turquoise Necklace and Earring Set

The brilliant apache turquoise stone takes center spot in this wonderful necklace by Lorn T. Begay. The Navajo necklace measures a staggering 28” long and has an eye catchy pendant in the center. The earrings that you get with this set are on wires but the wearer has the choice to change them to dangle posts and clip-on. This adds versatility to the design. The necklace is being sold in the market for $847.

Navajo – Sterling Silver, Copper and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Necklace

This necklace is made using three trademark Native American elements including sterling silver, sleeping beauty turquoise and copper. It has a hand flanked pendant made using stamped silver. The pendent features a design of prayer feathers. The copper inlay along with the sleeping beauty turquoise is what sets this necklace apart. Know that this valuable piece of Native American turquoise jewelry is 100% handmade. However it is available at a bargain price of $211.75.

Bisbee Turquoise Necklace and Earring Set by Will Denetdale

This high end Native American style turquoise necklace will make you stand out for sure. The handmade necklace consists of some of the finest Bisbee turquoise that have been marvelously set in sterling silver. This is one of the most commonly used themes in Native American Jewelry. It features a large pendant in the center and the complimentary earrings can be changed into posts or clip-ons. This one is a tad bit expensive at a full grand.

Graduated Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Squaw Wrapped

This is a drop dead gorgeous sleeping beauty squaw wrapped necklace. This unique design is not something you will get to see around every neck. The necklace is composed of a total of 155 grams of sleeping beauty nuggets and has a total length of 24”. Typically this design is believed to have originated from Southwestern Indians.

Natural Royston Turquoise Necklace and Bracelet Set by Loren Begay

Brace your self for this magnificent piece of Native American Jewelry set. The necklace finds itself beautifully adorned with high grade natural Royston Turquoise stones with all their brilliance. This one of a kind design cannot be explained in words. With a total length of 20” the Royston Turquoise nuggets are nicely complimented by sterling silver cones. The beautiful pendant comes with a bail and is studded with the turquoise stones. Although beautiful, this set can cost you almost two thousand dollars.

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