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For good reason the arrival of an addition to a family is called a blessed event. Unfortunately sadness and loss can accompany such an event when professional negligence or some sort of accident is involved. Injuries sustained at birth can mean that a child becomes permanently disabled and will require special care for the rest of their life. Of course, tragically, death can result from such injuries as well.

A birth injury attorney who specializes in taking on cases involving compensation for birth injuries that affect individuals and their families is likely to be required if justice and the needs of the injured parties are to be served appropriately. It is undoubtedly true that injury and death that could not have been prevented accompany birth. Nonetheless, although the parties involved in a birth injury may seek to gloss over such tragedies as an inevitable part of life this is not the case in many instances.

What You and Your Attorney May Need to Consider

The following factors commonly result in birth injuries and deaths:

• Failure to perform a c-section in a timely fashion
• Inadequate prenatal care or attention
• Negligent or incompetent use of  a vacuum or forceps or other instruments
• Not attending to or recognizing fetal distress symptoms
• Misjudging the size of the baby

The intense emotions and dramatic scenarios that accompany a birth may cloud the memories of all parties involved. Only an experienced birth injury lawyer with the right level of compassionate interest and dispassionate intellect may be able to sort out the nature of what went on.

Looking Toward the Future

Not only will a birth accident lawyer help in sorting out the past, they will also help their clients face an uncertain future. Birth related injuries can result in Cerebral or Erb’s palsy, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, development delays and behavioral problems. Although it may seem callous to attribute a financial sum to an unfortunate condition affecting a child, an experienced birth injury lawyer is aware that this is a necessary step in assuring such a child the best quality of life in the future. Firms that specialize in birth injury are often the best judges of what may be required.

Selecting a Professional

Most professional birth injury lawyers cooperate with doctors and other health care professionals to assemble together the best team of expert witnesses to your case. The truly excellent birth injury lawyers make you a member of that team as well. They will treat you with compassion and respect every step of the way, including your initial consultation. You should normally not even consider paying a birth injury attorney any money until your case is settled.

Although you will need time to process the tragic circumstances that may have befallen you, you should seek legal advice as soon as you are able. The sooner you do so the better the chance will be that a successful outcome will occur–one that you and your family can live with for the rest of your lives.

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