New York Trucking Accident Lawyers

Have you had a trucking accident in New York City? Are you looking for a trucking accident lawyer? Then read our guide for tips on finding the best trucking accident attorney for you…

How many different conditions or events can lead to a trucking accident? If you don’t really know or can’t really say you are not alone. If you are involved in a trucking accident and your lawyer doesn’t really know them or can’t really name that many you may feel rather alone and defenseless indeed.

Do You Really Need a Trucking Accident Specialist?

If you want to win a reasonable verdict or settlement the answer is “Yes”.

For starters trucking accidents can result from:

• Careless maintenance
• Substance or alcohol abuse while driving
• Aggressive driving or improper lane changes
• Poor training
• Extreme fatigue
• Hazardous roads
• Burnt out lights or absent reflectors

Perhaps someone with a bit of common sense could name most of these items. Would they, however, know enough when examining an accident scene or analyzing photos to even hazard a guess as to the accident’s cause? Would they know how crucial it is to visit the scene of an accident and gather evidence in a timely fashion? Truck accidents almost always involve injuries than are more severe than a typical car crash. Investigating those injuries requires immediate action in order to secure evidence of liability

Would they even know the kind of information to solicit from a witness or the type of evidence that matters? Would they know the kind of trickery that the opposition might engage in to win a verdict or reduce a settlement in a trucking accident? Only an experienced and conscientious trucking accident lawyer can be relied upon to consider all the many factors involved in a trucking accident.

What Else To Expect

Your truck accident attorney should offer a free case review. If they agree to take your case, they should require no up-front fee. Trucking accident claims should be taken on a contingency basis. In simple terms your trucking accident is paid only when you receive compensation for your injuries.

You should expect to be able to stay in contact with your trucking accident attorney until a verdict is reached or a settlement is worked out. You should expect that your trucking accident lawyer’s phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Within reason your trucking accident attorney should answer queries or return phone calls within 24 hours.

You should expect to see at least one and ideally more than one verdict or settlement listed by a potential lawyer that involves trucking. You should be able to book some time with a lawyer that is at least familiar with that case, who can describe the strategies that were employed to achieve compensation.

You should expect to deal with a trucking accident lawyer who exhibits a good working relationship with medical professionals or therapists that may treat or assess your injuries. You should seek out legal professionals with contacts within the trucking industry if at all possible. If your accident occurred in a particular area in New York City your attorney should be familiar with the highways and truck routes in that area and the bearing that the conditions on those roads might have on your case.

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