Northern California Campgrounds

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Northern California offers wonderful campgrounds in areas like the Cascade Range, the Eastern Sierra Nevada and Northern Sierra Nevada, the Yosemite National Park Region, San Francisco Bay Area, the Tahoe Region, Klamath Mountains and Marin County, among others.

Finding Campgrounds and Camping Sites in Northern California

The beauty of Northern California lies in its diverse terrain. From coastal regions to lush rolling plains and from beautiful mountains to the desert on its border, it’s possible to get amazing camp sites. Most of the campsites in Northern and Southern California are booked by the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America. However, it is possible for individual campers to create a group of friends and book campsites in locations of their choices. Therefore, it is possible to find different campgrounds by choosing the location you want to visit.

The San Francisco Bay Area campgrounds offer a completely different terrain with the beautiful ocean, breathtaking views and temperate weather that are synonymous with the Bay Area. You can see human contributions like cable cars, the fisherman’s wharf and the massive Golden Gate Bridge as you camp on the naturally established campground.

The Jordan Hot Springs in Pearsonwill California, Mill Valley Mac Davis Coastal Cataract Trails and the St. Luis West Cuesta Ridge Loop are sights to take in.

Tahoe National Forest Area Campgrounds

Tahoe National Forest Area Campgrounds has the centerpiece known as Lake Tahoe. It has snowcapped mountains that make it the largest and deepest alpine lake in North America. The campgrounds available here offer you hundreds of miles of hiking trails, millions of acres of woodlands which are on streams and rivers. The elevation gain is minimal and the nearby city is known as Truckee. It has 55 55 separate campgrounds and functions best from spring to fall. The Lake Tahoe is famous for off highway driving, horseback riding, boat launches and boating along with fishing and swimming.

Different Northern California outdoor activities include hiking, trekking, horse riding and boating. You can also indulge in walking, trail running, surfing on the coastal campgrounds, and skiing on the Alpine grounds. Scenic drives can be enjoyed along with flat-water paddling and canoeing. You can relax in the hot springs or go for off highway drives and road biking. You can do bird watching or fishing and specific fly-fishing or take a tour to discover the water falls in the region.

Best Camping Grounds and Sites in Northern California

For the trail guides, one of the amazing campgrounds is the Sacramento tails in the Sierra foothills. Those who start off onto this area from the Golden Chain Highway can see the first spots of the gold rush towns that were established in Nevada City in Grass Valley.

This region used to rival Sacramento and San Francisco in its population. Today Nevada City has really reinvented itself from the gold fields to a great wine producer. You can see the flourishing vineyard’s in this region and choose to camp in the well equipped campsites in the city.

The Yosemite National Park area is considered one of the most famous campgrounds in Northern California. It is recognized internationally by naturalists and is an icon in its own right. The park itself covers three quarter of the 1,000,000 acre region and it takes a lifetime to experience it.

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