Oakhurst California Hotels

If your next destination is Yosemite Park, then you better check out some of the Hotels in Oakhurst, California, in the area and compare…

Comfort Inn at the side of the road is one of the many little hotels in Oakhurst, California that can offer you very good amenities, warmth and a friendly and attentive staff. This inn is conveniently located near the stores, restaurants, and parks. The area is beautiful and this hotel is affordable and enjoyable. This hotel is near Yosemite National Park and that is one of the reasons why it is preferred by so many visitors making it a very crowded place at times, therefore, reservations are a must for this hotel. It is the best choice for couples travelling for pleasure and enjoyment on a tight budget.

Something More Affordable

Days Inn hotel in Oakhurst, California is a unique place to spend your time. This hotel is very close to Yosemite Park and it is also very convenient to walk down to the downtown area where you can easily find restaurants, supermarkets, galleries and much more. Rooms are very well-maintained by a friendly staff and the hotel has a welcoming atmosphere. At the back of the hotel there is a huge park with oak trees and a beautiful view of mountains. Amenities include free continental breakfast, free access to high speed internet, outdoor swimming pools and much more. This is definitely a more private hotel which is suitable for people that are travelling on their own or just for couples.

The Best For The Family And Children

Shilo Inn suite in Oakhurst is one member of a chain of very well rated hotels in the United States. Their property at Oakhurst is impressive, comfortable and well maintained. There are spacious rooms that have mountain range view. The Shilo Inn chain of hotels’ signature feature is to take care of families by giving special attention to children. Therefore, if you are travelling with your family this is perhaps the best choice of all the Oakhurst, California hotels,. Prices are very reasonable and it comes with all the amenities expected of a very good hotel. Customers have left very good feedback for this hotel.

Yosemite National park is a very popular tourist attraction and finding hotels in Oakhurst, California can be difficult at times, however the experience is worth it.

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