Ohio Indian Artifacts

Are you interested in discovering Ohio Indian artifacts? Do you want to gain insight into the culture of Ohio Indians through artifacts? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Copper artifacts

Copper artifacts are a common style of Indian artifacts found in Ohio. The copper artifacts were commonly used in the archaic period. In Ohio, copper artifacts can be a variety of things such as bracelets, ear spools, symbolic axes, a variety of plates and copper beads common in burial. The Ohio artifacts of this style were often constructed out of surprisingly pure ore allowing the material to be hammered into the desired shape. These artifacts are also indicative of cultural life as many believe that the pieces were used to display membership in a tribe or status within the tribe. It is also interesting that although the pieces have been found in Ohio the origin of the copper deposits is questionable; it is speculated that the ore may have been accessed through glacial deposits or through trade with Canada.

Adena Pipe

The Adena pipe was discovered in 1901 in Ohio. This artifact is a tubular pipe carved from Ohio pipestone. The Adena pipe is a unique artifact as although tubular pipes are common it is not frequent to see them carved into effigies. The Adena pipe artifact is carved into a representation of an ancient American Indian man. The details in the carving offer insight into the culture of the time and area and it is believed that the carving may represent a shaman or medicine man. It is also understood that the Adena pipe was used for smoking tobacco or for use during ceremonies.

Hopewell Mica Cutouts

The Hopewell Mica cutouts are interesting artifacts found in the Ohio area. The cutouts are believed to be important parts of creating much larger ceremonial pieces. The cutouts are made of mica, which is a shiny material that is formed in thin layers. These thin layers of mica can be split into thin translucent sheets. It is believed that these thin layers may have been used as mirrors in divination ceremonies. The cutouts were also frequently cut into shapes for ceremonies and decoration. The most interesting part of the Hopewell Mica cutouts is that the material is not naturally occurring in Ohio meaning that it had to be traded for.

Woodland Animal Effigy Pipes

Woodland animal effigy pipes are another Indian artifact found in Ohio. These Indian artifacts are found mainly in ceremonial deposits located in Mound City and Tremper Mound. These pipes are representative of Indian culture as it is understood that the carved animals represent spirit guides. The woodland animal effigy pipes were also practical in Indian life as these smoke pipes were used to induce a trance that would help shamans with healing. It is also of note that as the shaman smoked the pipe the animal effigy faced towards the shaman. The woodland animal effigy pipes are also likely constructed of Ohio pipestone.

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