Palm Desert Best Neighborhoods

The Palm Desert community is located in sunny California. A large portion of the available housing has been built just recently. The best neighborhoods enjoy its thriving and robust economy. Read our guide for more facts & Information…

New construction is an excellent indicator that things in Palm Desert are on the upswing. Jobs are a big attraction mainly due to their scarcity in other cities. The housing costs here rank right up there with many of the nation’s highest. However, the price of real estate here cannot compete with the more expensive Californian communities.

The workforce is predominantly ‘white collar’. They have an 87.70% of their workforce falling into this category. That exceeds the national average. These workers are mainly professionals working in offices, sales, and as service providers.

The atmosphere of the neighborhoods surrounding the city is calm and relatively quiet. There is no threat of over population which leads to easy living. This city has less renters, young children, and college students than most cities. If peace and tranquility is what you like then Palm Desert should be a serious consideration.

An interesting fact that people searching for a new home overlook sometimes is public transportation. While Palm Desert is a city of decent size it actually does not have a real public transit system.

The most common language spoken here is English. However Spanish is spoken as well. The ethnic diversity makes this a great place to live for those who love people and enjoy their various cultures and backgrounds. Although the majority of people here are white the second largest ethnic group are Asian. Then you have the Hispanic or Latino population that accounts for as much as 17.15% of the city’s population. They also enjoy people of important ancestries like Irish, Russian, German, Italian, English, and French.

Palm Desert Homes Are Selling And Here Is Why:

There is a very desirable lifestyle going on in the neighborhoods and surrounding areas. The shopping and restaurants can be accessed easily. The weather is beautiful all year round. There are country clubs located close to the shopping and entertainment district of El Paseo in South Palm Desert.

Homes are selling well due to a decline in prices. This is also influenced by the high inventory levels. Competition for home purchasing has been quite minimal until now. However, there are more buyers who see this opportunity and are grabbing it while they can.

Another great attraction is that Palm Desert is a golfer’s dream. With over 100 public, private, and semi private courses all across the Coachella Valley, there are plenty of challenges to be faced. These courses are strung out between Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, and Palm Springs.

This is home to the infamous ‘Desert Willow Golf Resort’. It was chosen by Golf Digest as one of the ‘Best Places to Play’. It is loaded with challenging bunkers, smooth cut greens, and beautiful water scenery.  That makes the best neighborhoods in Palm Desert very attractive as places to own a second home.  This is definitely a place that deserves a good hard look.

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