Pantera Owners Club Northern California

Joining the Pantera Owners Club of Northern California? Learn more about the benefits offered to the North California Pantera owners club or Poca…

The Poca or Pantera Owners Club of Northern California has been established for owners and fans of the De Tomaso Pantera. The exotic De Tomaso Pantera is considered a mid-engine car. It was initially manufactured in Italy and then imported into the United States of America by the Ford Motor Company during 1971-1975.  The amazing vehicle is considered an amalgamation of a strong Ford 351 Cleveland motor. It is combined with the fully independent suspension and 4 wheel disc brakes along with the ZF transaxle.  The vehicle was stylized and designed by famous car designer Tom Tjaarda.

The club itself known as POCA was established in 1973 when a group of devote owners of the De Tomaso and Mangusta vehicles started organizing regular meetings at Peyton Lincoln-Mercury in Long Beach, California; and now the small group has evolved into a large club in America.

Benefits of Joining Poca

The Pantera owners club of Northern California is specifically focused on providing substantial benefits to its members. Once you’ve signed up you can receive specific Newsletters on a monthly basis. This contains content on different Poca event announcements, and technical information related to the vehicles. The magazine known as POCA Profiles is provided on a monthly basis to members, and has featured articles on the cars  including the membership roster which carries contact information. It relates to the entire group comprising of POCA members which is approximately 1000 people.

Membership of Poca

The membership of POCA is limited to owners of the De Tomaso or anyone who is also a devotee of the marquee. Organizing amazing events like the Fun Rally, Poca actually offers discounts to members as well as the privilege to buy different products from its Club Store. The procedure for membership is exceptionally simple. All you have to do to join is to send in a signed and completed membership application and the annual dues.  It is possible to apply by mail, fax, or online and payments can also be made electronically. Members can also register for a specific account to use the POCA website which provides content to members only.

The events organized by this organization include rallies and car shows for charity. There are cruises and barbecues for members. Even though entry is free, the events are restricted to members and owners of the Pantera’s or D Tomaso cars.

Details on the D. Tomaso Pantera

The manufacturer of De Tomaso crafted the Pantera’s until 1996 in Italy and then it was discontinued. However the manufacturers also produced cars like the   Mangusta, Deauville, Longchamp, and Vallelunga. Their products are only available at the Pantera parts stores in America. Estimates range that the total number of De Tomaso Panteras constructed were a maximum of 7000, and today they are valued at a price range of $20,000 to $70,000+.

The different factors that influence the price are the year of manufacturing, the rarity of the car, the options available in the vehicle, and its racing history.

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