Pebble Beach Drive Crescent City California Real Estate

Interested in Pebble Beach Drive, Crescent City, California real estate? Discover the oceanfront homes for sale…

Some wonderful real estate investment opportunities are available at Pebble Beach Tide, Crescent City, California with oceanfront homes for sale. Crescent City offers perhaps the most affordable waterfront housing in Northern California. One such area is the Gold Coast neighborhood in Crescent City known as Pebble Beach Drive.

This is one mile of real estate laid out on a bluff, and offers wonderful views of the ocean. The Pebble Beach Drive has a long border stretch of beach with the entire Castle Rock area showcased just offshore from this beach. Towards the south side you will find the Brother Jonathan and Preston Island coastal access. This access meanders down the cliff sides onto the rocky beach and to tide pools down below. On the fishing expeditions you can see great Blue Herons that regularly visit the offshore islands, while ospreys can be spotted during their fishing forays.

Natural Paradise on Pebble Beach in Crescent City

The beach is not very crowded at any time of the year, making it a perfect place to call home. It offers a great location for tide pool treasure hunting, bird watching, enjoying low key picnics and bonfires for the family.

When it comes to marine life, you will find whales resting here offshore during their migration and the otters bring their young here after birth. In all the location offers a great natural paradise to call home. Therefore real estate opportunities have thrived in this region.

Reasons for the Popularity of Pebble Beach Dr. Real Estate

There are amazing homes for sale available just on the oceanfront or across the street from the ocean. Both these aspects offer wonderful opportunities because the amazing sunsets can be viewed across the place. Oceanfront real estate in Northern California is prime property when it comes to Pebble Beach Drive homes because most of the homes face the ocean.

A very highly coveted strip of land, there are amenities in this location for year round living. The summers are very dry, and 90% of the moisture comes during the rainy season from October through April. The region does not see snow except on the high ridges in the outlying borders of the area. The moderate temperature makes Pebble Beach Dr. real estate very popular because there are very few days that cross 80°F.

There are a lot of activities just around the coastal area. You can find homes like condominiums, townhouses and independent houses to suit your requirements. The region also provides great access to other parts of the city, and you would be disconnected from the major hub in terms of the visual impact and noise. However, the road links and network are so convenient from this area that you can be anywhere in thirty minutes. The properties In Pebble Dr., California are highly prized because the land area is limited and the location is beautiful.

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