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Formerly known as the Old Dry Diggings and Hangtown, Placerville is now the county seat of EL Dorado County in California. It forms part of the Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Roseville Metropolitan Statistical Area, and as such is a great place to invest in real estate.

Homes for Sale in Placerville California

Simply put, Placerville is nothing less than a gold rush town. It is characterized by a well preserved historic downtown area with landmarks such as the Bell Tower. It is also credited for having the oldest hardware store outside the Mississippi.

Placerville used to be a small and quite community, but the population has swelled over the years. Yet it is quite thinly populated compared to other regions of the county. Given the fact that it is the county seat, you can expect a decent infrastructure and plenty of community amenities in the region.

The primary reason that people look for homes for sale in Placerville, California is the quality of life they get to experience. There are low crime rates and excellent educational facilities. Amongst the foremost attractions of Placerville are the Sierra foothills. This region features the Apple Hill ranches, the historic Coloma, equestrian friendly communities and the American River.

In terms of the real estate market you will find Placerville to offer you great value for your money. You are bound to get great value for your dollar irrespective of whether you are looking for a Victorian home or a very contemporary stucco home, the likes of which are found elsewhere in California. Whatever your personal preferences may be, you can expect Placerville to offer you something that you will fancy.

Surrounding Regions of Placerville

There are plenty of real estate investment opportunities in the surrounding regions of Placerville as well. Greenstone Country is a great place to explore. This is actually a very special gated community located on the border of Placerville, joined by Shingle Springs on the other side. If you are looking for a private and secure recluse then this is the ideal place to look for homes for sale. A large number of lots starting from a minimum of three acres are also available for sale in the region. Other interesting aspects about this region include numerous lakes, a riding arena and tennis courts.

Shingle Springs is another region lying just west of Placerville. It is within easy reach of Sacramento and is renowned for being a very peaceful country community. It is characterized by rolling land. You will be able to find plenty of picturesque horse properties, starter homes and luxury gated communities in this region as well.
If you travel a bit further up into the Seirra foothills, you will enter the region of Pollock Pines and Camino. As the name suggests, this region is characterized by large pines, orchards and pony express trails. It is a region colored with small town charm and real estate is very economically priced.

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