Pruning Roses In Southern California

Learning how to Prune Roses in Southern California? Learn effective techniques for pruning roses in Southern California…

There are special techniques used to prune roses in Southern California there during the sunshine laden summer. Normally the rose bushes tend to go into dormancy during winter. However the coastal climate of Southern California removes this aspect as is natural with rose plants.

Therefore it is necessary to prune the remaining foliage in order for the shrubs to rest during winters. Apart from this, it shows the gardener how the roses have grown. He can make some well-thought-out cuts which will allow the plant to grow in the right shape. Also you can direct some new growth. This helps the shrubs fit neatly into the garden.

What Tools Are Needed?

For pruning rosebushes in Southern California you will require scissor action hand pruners. Likewise you can use a pair of secateurs. Do not use the anvil and bar style. The delicate rose bush gets crushed with it resulting in problems later on. Invest in a good pair of garden gloves and the right shoes. This keeps you protected from the thorny rosebushes. Small sharpening stones are also required to keep the pruning device sharp. You can even have a small handheld rake.

Time For Pruning Roses In Southern California

When it comes to the mild regions of Southern California there are many warm coastal zones and valleys in land. Therefore it is best to prune the roses during the beginning of January and all the way through February. If you start earlier then the new growth will be susceptible to frost and the rose bushes will suffer. Conversely you should finish the pruning by middle or late February. As the soil starts heating up to 50° the bushes start sprouting new growth. By mid-April you will see a full flowering bush.

How Much To Takeoff During Pruning?

Traditionally you should indulge in light rosebush cropping in Southern California. This way the size of the bushes is not controlled. They will grow back to the original size. However, if you prune too much the flowers will be reduced. Therefore, the aim of grooming should be to encourage the growth of new flowers only. Maximize the bloom and shape the rose bushes to fit the garden with landscaping ruling. This will assist in the growth which produces healthier and stronger flowers.

Basic Gauge For Pruning A Rose Bush

The pruning should basically be a maximum of half or minimum of one third of what grows in a previous season. A rose bush that has acquired a height of six feet would be pruned back to a maximum of 4 feet. However, if the rose bush continuously keeps growing bigger than the space it is allocated in, pruning it continuously will not make it fit into the size. It will simply keep on going back to its original length.

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