Quilting Events Northern California

Looking for a quilting event in Northern California? Learn more about the exciting quilting events in Northern California by joining the Northern California Quilt Council…

Quilting is a favorite and popular activity amongst women and men in Northern California. There is the Northern California Quilt Council that operates to facilitate communication for this art. They are a platform for shop owners, quilt groups, judges, teachers, vendors and museums following this craft. There is a massive calendar of events that occur throughout Northern California. This is available through the Northern California Quilt Council.

You can find an entire list of teachers, guilds and judges for quilting. The conferences that are organized to promote the art of quilting are also mentioned here. The Council does not support any individual. In order for sponsoring a quilting event you should contact the individuals directly and get references from them. Anyone who attends the meetings can promote their activities through the teachers, shops and Networking Guilds. The meetings are organized on the third Wednesday of each month. You can attend one of the meetings at the Pleasant Hill Community Center located at 320 Civic Drive in Pleasant Hill in Northern California.

Event Calendar for Quilting in Northern California

Different topics for the meetings are settled a year before the calendar is launched. The extensive calendar has specific times and topics for the meetings. The platform provided to lecturers and teachers for an introduction is immeasurable. The North California quilt and wearable art teachers can actually get a good representation. Apart from this the brief presentations can be enjoyed by the shop owners as well as representatives of different quilt guilds.

Following the presentations it is possible for the speakers to interact with the audience. You should attend meetings early and be punctual because they are packed with quilting enthusiasts. In April and October the quilting community presents programs based on the requests of its affiliates. Therefore, the year basically focuses on two categories: an interaction of the quilters with different channel members and providing specific programs for their affiliates.

The different quilt teachers who are listed on the website include teachers like Scarlett Rose, who organizes workshops and lectures. She also has her own display at the Celtic Quilter’s Gallery that can be purchased online. The different quilting magazines offering great value are also advertised on the website. Each category offers different books for quilting enthusiasts and then you can follow through with finding a teacher for the specific technique. These teachers not only interact with each other in the cities that they are based in, but also provide details of their scheduled classes.

In Northern California certain events would include a quilting camp, cross-country quilter’s lecture, a quilt Festival workshop along with a fashion show. There are specific quilt maker workshops that focus on the different styles of quilting patterns. The guild of quilters is also known for their specific lectures. These are carried out throughout the country and more so in Northern California.

There are specific spring markets and Main Street quilting workshops along with lectures. The most popular quilting workshop in previous years has been the Piece by Piece Guild Workshop. The ladies in a certain region meet and attend lectures and workshops under this event. Specific events organized in Northern California allow quilters to sew many quilts together and interact with each other. You can view the calendar of events through browsing on a particular week or month or focusing on the agenda.

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