Animals In Spain

Are you going on a wildlife holiday to Spain? Want to know what animals you can see in Spain? Here we’ve provided you with facts & information on the animals and wildlife Spain has to offer.

Spain contains several geographically diverse regions with different climates and terrain within its borders which means there is a great variety of animals indigenous to Spain. Visitors to Spain can enjoy fantastic bird watching and seeing exceptional species of animal wildlife. Two examples of wildlife in Spain are the rare Egyptian mongoose and the Wild Mountain Bear of Spain. Spain also has a considerable amount of land marked off as nature reserves in order to preserve and protect wildlife in Spain.

Spanish Forest Bears

The Brown Bear has traditionally been a permanent part of the wildlife in Spain although it has suffered greatly over the last hundred years. Wildlife authorities in Spain claim that there were in excess of 1,000 brown bears living in the wild in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, despite improvements in wildlife conservation programs in Spain, numbers of brown bears in Spain have dwindled to only 100. The best place to try and spot a brown bear among the wildlife of Spain is in the Cordillera Cantabrica National Park in Spain where the Brown Bear is only one of many species of wildlife that can be found.

Protected Animals in Spain: The Lynx

The Iberian Lynx is an example of wildlife in Spain that is indigenous and only to be found in Spain. The Iberian Lynx today is only one of many species of wildlife in Spain that is facing extinction. For this reason, decreasing numbers of this animal in Spain has led to its status as a protected form of wildlife. Animal experts in Spain who are responsible for monitoring levels of various species of wildlife in Spain estimate that the current number of Iberian Lynx’s in Spain is about 400. The best place to see this form of wildlife in Spain is at the famous Danona National Park in Andalusia in the South of Spain.

Spanish Mountain Goats

The Long Haired Mountain Goat is worthwhile trying to see for wildlife enthusiasts visiting Spain. Wildlife experts place estimates of current numbers of this goat in Spain at about 20,000. This means that it will not be as difficult to spot this animal in Spain as many other more rare species of wildlife.  The extremely long horns sported by the male mountain goat and their agility on steep mountain faces make this animal an interesting sight to see in Spain. Limited amounts of hunting of this form of wildlife are allowed in Spain in order to maintain levels within the local ecosystem.

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