Silver American Eagle

Interested in buying a Silver American eagle? Find out about the history and worth of these precious coins produced by the U.S…

The silver American eagle coin is one of the most highly sought after coins by collectors all over the world. This unique coin is credited as being the official silver coin of the U.S. The first model of this coin was released back in 1986 by the U.S mint.

There are a number of things that make the silver American eagle stand out. All coins have a face value of one whole dollar. The silver coins contain 99.9% silver which makes them far more precious than what their monetary value is recorded.

Silver American Eagle history

The United States Congress authorizes the minting of these coins. The United States mint is responsible for maintaining its weight and the quality of its content. Collectors are not the only people that invest in American eagle silver coins. Rather these coins are also a means of investing in an Individual Retirement Account.

The American eagle silver coins produced for collection purposes are special proof versions. Over the course of time three mints across the U.S have had the privilege to print American eagle coins. The Philadelphia mint is the first of these. Coins minted at this location carry the P mark for notification purposes.
San Francisco is another base where American eagle coins are printed with the S mark. West Point in New York is where the bulk of these coins are printed in today’s times. They always have the W mark on the reverse side for notification purposes.

Silver American Eagle Design

The silver American eagle coins feature the classic design known as “Walking Liberty” developed by Adolph A. Weinman. This was the image that was to be found on the half dollar coins back in the first half of the 1900s. The unique design was very popular with the public and became one of the most highly revered symbols of the country.

It had gone into oblivion for quite some time only to return on the surface of the Silver eagle coin many decades later. The reverse side of the coin has another popular design produced by John Mercanti, it is none other than the famous heraldic eagle which is a prominent symbol of the United States.

Silver American eagle worth

Over the course of time the actual worth of these coins has fluctuated. This is because the price of silver itself keeps changing and the mintages where they are produced have also shifted. The business strikes American silver eagle coins have been minted in the millions.

The collector’s variety which happens to be the more precious coin has been minted in hundreds of thousands. Generally you will find them being sold at a starting price of around $23. However some proofs from the 1990s can cost you in the 100’s. There are however some older classics and newer revised coins that can cost you up to $500 or more.

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