Sixth Cavalry Indian Wars Insignia

Want to learn more about Sixth Cavalry Indian Wars Insignia? Read on for interesting facts and info on the historical insignia used by the sixth cavalry during the Indian wars…

The sixth cavalry is a special Regiment of the U.S. Army that was set up during the American Civil War period. The cavalry remains intact and is now composed of aviation squadrons which accompany combat aviation brigades. The sixth cavalry had a special insignia during the days that it spent fighting in the Indian wars.

Distinctive Insignia of Sixth Cavalry

The special insignia for the sixth cavalry was made out of metal which was painted gold in color. It came across as an enamel device which measured 3.18 cm in height. The basic design composition of the sixth cavalry Indian wars insignia was a shield blazon, a unicorn rampant and an azure.

Sixth Cavalry Insignias Symbolism

The sixth cavalry participated in a number of eastern campaigns during the civil wars. It is particularly noted for its significant performance in the battlefields of Williamsburg, Virginia in the year 1862. It was here that the sixth cavalry assaulted entrenched works and managed to secure a big blow to the opposition. The other important feat achieved by the sixth cavalry was in Fairfield, Pennsylvania in the year 1863. At this location the sixth cavalry took on two enemy brigades and actually managed to neutralize them while saving crucial supply trains of the US Army. However the sixth cavalry laid its life on the line during this battle.

This sacrificial attitude of the sixth cavalry is reflected in the symbol of the unicorn. Basically the unicorn symbolizes the knightly stature of the men from the sixth cavalry. It stands as a symbol of aggressive fighting as the unicorn is pictured in the rampant position. The symbol also signifies activity combined with speed. The distinctive image of the unicorn is further made to stand out against a blue backdrop which was the color of the Federal uniform of the Regiment during the civil wars.

Sixth Cavalry Insignia Background

The unique insignia for the sixth cavalry was officially approved on the 11th of December 1922. On the 24 July 1944 the insignia was re-designated to the sixth cavalry reconnaissance squadron. It was again re-designated on 21st of January 1948 to the sixth constabulary squadron. On 18th of March 1949 the sixth armored cavalry Regiment acquired the honor of building this historical insignia.

The most significant of changes however were made on 3rd May 1957 when the historical motto was deleted from the insignia through an amendment. On 19th September 1974 the insignia was once again re-designated to the sixth cavalry Regiment.

Sixth Cavalry Coat of Arms

The sixth cavalry also had its very own coat of arms which was made up of a shield and a crest. The Shield featured the unicorn along with the azure, the image of a Chinese dragon with four arrows Sable clenched in its dexter claw, adorned with feathered gules served as the focal point of the coat of arms. The motto featured on the coat of arms was “Led by Love of Country”. However this motto was later removed as mentioned above.


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