Skull Bull American Indian Feather Tattoo Design

Do you want to know what the skull bull Indian feather tattoo designs mean? Are you interested in getting a skull bull Indian feather tattoo design? Read on for facts & information…

Skull Bull Indian TattooNative Indian tattoo designs are not only popular among members of the indigenous communities but today they hold a place of significance in the world of body art.

People from all around the world who are keen on getting a tattoo consider these designs as the appropriate embellishment for their bodies. Among the several Native Indian tattoo designs are the skull, bull and Indian Feather tattoo designs.

Animal, bird and feather motifs have always been popular in the Indian community. Different types of feathers were used in various combinations in Native American religious ceremonies.

Each feather had a different spiritual connotation, for instance, the feather of an owl signify death or prophecy on its own but when combined with a hawk feather it stands for life.

The brightly colored feathers of birds like the blue jay are believed to have medicinal powers and were used very often by the shamans and medicine men. The eagle was regarded as the “Great Spirit” so its feathers held the greatest honor.

These feather tattoos were also used to reveal the rank of a tribal member and his bravery or special accomplishments. In the past a member who would perform a particularly brave act in a war would be awarded with an eagle feather. The first feather earned by a tribal man would signify his foray into adulthood. Over his lifetime an Indian man would collect many feathers but he would only wear one or two of his feather trophies into war. When he had collected thirty or more feathers they would be used to make a headdress. A complete headdress would mean that he is a very brave men and is worthy of being elected as the chief of the tribe. These are some of the reasons why Indian feather tattoos are still very popular.

All tattoos with animal motifs had their own significance in terms of the traits that were associated with them. For instance the tattoo of a bull signified fertility, the ability to look into the past and also a foolhardy attitude of rushing into things without being properly prepared.

The skull is a fairly new addition and is generally associated with the grunge biker culture. People often feel that it stands for terror, fear and death. However it is easily the most misunderstood symbol because in reality it stands for courage, strength, protection, power and the ability to overcome death and tough times.

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