Southern California Mobile Home Roofing

Require Southern California Mobile Home Roofing? Learn more about super insulated mobile home roofing in Southern California…

The mobile home roofing in Southern California uses new technology for super insulated roofing. These techniques create a super insulated roof that prevents heat loss and cools down the house in hot and dry summers. With the use of super insulation, manufactured housing in dry climates can benefit the passive heating and cooling system.
There are very few cons of utilizing a pond on top of the house to achieve this result. The roof pond creates radiant cooling. The thermal performance of mobile home roofing is drastically improved with its usage. It can be analyzed with computer simulations to assess the energy savings. There are many advances in construction technology for mobile homes. However, super insulation has still been used in the frigid climates rather than hot climates. Therefore, it is a new technique being tested out on manufactured and modular homes in Southern California.

Benefits and Issues of Super insulation House Roofing

There are many thermal benefits and issues that crop up with the adaptation of super insulation house roofing in warmer climates like those prevalent in Southern California. Traditionally modular houses or manufactured homes are ideal for utilizing good-quality home roofing materials and new technology.

The main reason for this is that modular board manufactured homes are known for poor performance in terms of thermal heat loss. This is due to their construction coupled with the moderate to low income owners. The construction of home roofing for mobile homes uses a super insulated sheet with a roof pond system. These are combined with the transportation requirements and the performance standards of the mobile home industry.

It’s an essential complement because the mobile homes can be moved from one location to another and be transported to another mobile park as required. Thus the mobile roofing must also comply with this requirement. The California code regulations provide the minimum thermal properties required for roofing to be adequately used in houses. This new system is a passive cooling and heating system and is analyzed against the same regulations.

Benefits Of Superinsulation Home Roofing

Even though it was developed in the 1960s, this technology was not incorporated in mainstream housing until 1974 when the energy crisis started in America. The principles had been tested on prototypes and dels. With the increasing good performance shown, they were implemented in mainstream construction technology. However, it was used in a cold climate. It is just recently that the technology has been adopted for hot and arid climates. It is popular amongst mobile homes because they have the most essential requirements for high quality and low cost roofing which has great thermal performance.

Traditional Thermal Mobile Home Roofing Versus Modern Technology

Traditionally the thick walls and ceilings were used to create good levels of insulation. However, this is not possible with mobile homes that are very frigid and poorly constructed. The use of ventilation that is properly controlled along with restricted infiltration must be managed properly in order to increase the envelope resistance. Many solar panels are utilized to create mobile home roofing to replace the high levels of insulation sheets to cut down costs. Therefore there are many options to select from when it comes to mobile home roofing that is economical and effective.

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