Stafford Terriers For Sale Northern California

Considering Stafford Terriers for sale in Northern California? Learn more about the California breeder’s specifications for Stafford Terriers for sale in Northern California…

Some California breeders of dogs and puppies specialize in Stafford terriers for sale in Northern California. In Northern California you can find a classified listing at the breeder’s directory for purebred Stafford Terriers. The current listing of dog breeders are providing ads for the purchase of quality dogs.
Stafford Terriers for Sale By Breeders in Northern California

The Staffordshire terrier, also known as the staffie, is a very popular dog breed in America. Considered exceptionally strong for its size the dog is an agile and stocky canine. The breeders of Stafford Terrier bulldogs are very particular about retaining the characteristics of the breed. For example the pink eyelids are a fault according to the AKC standards for the Staffordshire Terrier.

Acceptable Characteristics Of The Dog

Interestingly enough when it comes to the Staffie the upper side of the muzzle falls down abruptly below the eye. The deep, dark eyes are round and set far apart in the skull. According to the standards the lips should not have any dewlap. They should be lose, very close, and even. The general preference is that the ears be un-cropped, but cropped ears are fine too.

The colors can be solid, patched, and partially patched with the fur made of thick, glossy hair. However, the AKC standard encourages more than 80% of the coat to be white.

If the dog has an undocked tail it should be shorter in size when compared with the body of the other dogs that end in a point. In America the dog is known as the American Staffordshire terrier; while in the United Kingdom it is known as the American Pit Bull Terrier. However, the Staffordshire terrier has a larger bone structure, weighs more, and has a bigger head than the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Check For Temperament In A Staffordshire Terrier

The Staffordshire terrier can be classified as a very stable and happy dog. It has a very gentle nature when dealing with people and is very intelligent. People enjoy this amusing and social dog. It has good interpersonal and social skills which makes it easy to be around. Most of the Staffordshire Terriers for sale in Northern California are preferred by families which have children. They do not require a lot of obedience training and are very obliging to urge their families. The courageous and intelligent dog is full of life, and makes a good guard dog as well as family companion.

Good breeders offer Staffordshire Terriers for sale in Northern California after inculcating qualities of trustworthiness and a jovial nature. The dog is very protective of its owners and will fight to the death to protect the family. It has been bred for a very high tolerance level for pain. It is very important that you get the Staffordshire Terrier that are jovial and happy. Otherwise the antisocial ones can be aggressive.

This occurs when breeders do not work on maintaining the characteristic traits of the breed. It is a perfect companion, and an esteemed guard dog making it perfect for an active owner. Although the owner has to be very consistent and firm in dealing with the dog.

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