Toddler Indian Halloween Costumes

Want to discover the variety of toddler Indian Halloween costumes? Read on to find out about the kind of variety that is available in the market…

Native American Halloween costumes are available for toddlers and little children as well for teens and adults. During Halloween season, you can find them in many department stores as well as online and in specialty costume stores. If you live in a big city such as New York you can visit Jackson Heights for some authentic toddler shalwar kameez and other suits from the Indian sub-continent. Toronto and Houston also have a large Indian population and there are also online mail order stores that sell authentic Indian apparel.

Native American Toddler Halloween Costumes

Basic Indian costumes start as low as twelve dollars. Toddler sizes in the two to four year range are available as well as small child sizes for four-to-six year olds. A full costume featuring a frilled tan or fawn buckskin-style shirt, matching trousers that also have fabric cut into little strips on the side giving the frill effect, and a headband with yarn ponytails costs about twenty dollars. You can accessorize it with a five dollar spear or Native American style matching carrying pouch.

Wider Variety in Girl’s Indian Costumes

A twenty dollar ensemble for toddler girls can get you a similar long tan or fawn shirt with fabric cut away into strips at the hem and tessellated fabric strips adorning the neckline as well. A feathered headband with long yarn ponytails and fabric anklets completes the ensemble. Matching tan carrying pouches are an optional but essential accessory.

Girls can also choose their dresses in white. Sixteen dollars will get you a white velvet dress with belt, a bib with embroidery-style printing, and matching headband. Suede-style girl’s costumes are a dozen dollars more and have the fabric cut away into strips at the midriff, collar, and hemline and adorned with beads. Headbands with feather are included, wigs are fifteen dollars extra.

For the suede-style dress, you can get a nice beaded necklace for five dollars, beaded bracelet for eight dollars, or a regal princess style feathered headset for fifteen dollars to accessorize your costume. Beaded chokers and costume pendants are available for fewer than ten dollars each. The five dollar spear and carrying pouch can be added as well as a four dollar peace pipe for pow wows.

Toddler Costumes from the Indian Subcontinent

Even if you don’t live in a major city with Indian retail stores, you can order toddler costumes online. Kurta pajamas are loose full-sleeved shirts that are richly patterned and available in the many vibrant colors of the Indian subcontinent accompanied by matching narrow trousers. A shalwar kameez suit has much baggier trousers and the shirts have collars and cuffing.

Girls get frillier adaptations of kurta pajama and shalwar kameez suits with shorter sleeves, no cuffs or collars, but even more striking patterns and colors. It is well worthwhile looking at some online catalogs if you need to dress up your toddlers for Halloween.

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