Dog-Friendly Wales Cottages

Dog-friendly Wales cottages not only bring a sigh of relief for pet lovers intending to take their pets along for the holidays but also allow the pet to unwind and enjoy walks and refreshing activities in the breathtaking landscapes of Wales. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Preparing for a holiday is exciting, but families that want to take their dog along may feel a bit annoyed if they have to leave behind their pets. Fortunately, Wales has a good number of dog-friendly accommodations as well as locations, allowing visitors to enjoy their holidays whole-heartedly. Pembrokeshire is particularly famous for its pet-friendly cottages and other facilities, such as parks and walking routes that can handle dogs.

Pet-friendly cottages in Wales

There are pet-friendly cottages throughout Wales, and your choice depends on the availability of outdoor pet activities in the vicinity of the selected cottage. In northern Wales, Anglesey and the Llyn Peninsula have the best pet-friendly locations. In the south, Pembrokeshire and the Gower Peninsula are welcome destinations. In mid-Wales, the Cardigan Bay’s Ceredigion Coastal Path is well-suited for dogs.  Southern Wales has the only coastal National Park of Britain. It is also home to the famous Pembrokeshire Coast National Trail with interesting features, such as rugged cliffs and beaches.

Pembrokeshire holidays for pets

to a good extent as it has several walks and terrains that dogs will like. Its Coast National Park Authority maintains a lot of dog-friendly routes. Whether it is a short walk around the Carew Castle or a lengthy walk through Brunel Quay’s National Cycle Network, Pembrokeshire has lots to offer for visitors and their pets. Cottages in remote areas can be a nice option to explore and provide enough freedom for the dog to play and run around. Angle Bay, Pwllgwaelod and Barafundle Bay are among the few places that permit dogs to paddle in the Irish Sea round the year.

Finding dog-friendly cottages in Wales

Online resources simplify the task of searching for pet-friendly cottages in Wales, so that you can plan a stress-free vacation. Many websites provide reviews about cottages, gardens, walks and pubs that permit dogs. Therefore, visitors can decide their destination ahead and avoid the hassle of searching for pet-friendly establishments.

Dog friendly Wales cottages are great for family vacations, allowing families with pets to delight outdoors, whether it is marvelous woodland, a pleasant beach or a picturesque coastal path.

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