Chinese Wall Art

Interested in buying some Chinese wall art? Find out how the Chinese made use of their walls to display different works of art.

There is probably no Chinese home that has barren walls staring at you. Walk into any Chinese home and you are bound to find the walls decorated in some way or the other with various Chinese wall art works that have been part of the Chinese culture for ages.

The Chinese take the walls of their homes as a screen where they can display their unique traditional art. Wall art takes on a variety of forms and meanings. Most commonly we find the walls to be decorated with important traditional symbols such as that of wealth and good fortune. These can however be designed in a number of different ways that fall under the umbrella of Chinese wall art.

Chinese scrolls

Perhaps the most popular kind of wall art is Chinese scrolls. This is a classic Chinese technique that is today commonly seen in Chinese restaurants around the world. Many non-Chinese people also seek to decorate their interiors using Chinese scrolls as they seem to be a rather interesting way to liven up your interior. The Chinese scrolls display different concepts illustrated on a silk canvas in vibrant colors using brush and ink. The abstract images were often accompanied with inspirational phrases painted in Chinese calligraphy.

Today Chinese wall art serves as an excellent way to give your interiors an oriental touch. There is wide variety of Chinese wall art available through the internet. The online catalogues offer an overview of the different styles and themes in different mediums. Chinese wall art has also become a popular gift item along with being a great way to decorate your homes and offices.

Traditionally the Chinese have a fine selection of favorite themes. When it comes to wall art a large portion of the collection features the landscape theme. As it is the landscape theme has been amongst the most favored themes in many different mediums of art. Other prominent themes include the zodiac animals which are also a prominent feature of the Chinese culture. Particularly popular is the image of the dragon which is expressed in different ways to serve as interesting wall art.

Chinese wall art symbolism

The majority of wall art would not only be aesthetically appealing rather the theme would have some innate symbolism associated with it. Depending on the theme of the wall art the Chinese believed that by putting up certain themes they could generate the feeling or concept being portrayed in that particular work of art.

Relief wall art

Graffiti too is a branch of Chinese wall art. This is a rather modern means of expression that is being experimented with by the Chinese artists of today. Historically however there have been great artists that have worked with amazing skill to great relief art work on walls. This is perhaps the most awe inspiring variety of Chinese wall art. There are still some amazing examples of such art work from the days gone by and they serve as major tourist attractions today. The city of Beijing is particularly popular for its relief wall art and people from world over come to witness the magnificence of Chinese wall art.

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