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French Fashion Dolls

Want to buy a French fashion doll? Want to know about the most fashionable & new dolls available? Our guide to French fashion dolls gives you the facts & information you want to know.Beautiful French fashion dolls have always been closely bound with the fashion of France. English Queens would send for fashions from Paris, [...]

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Petitcollin Old French Dolls

Interested in Petitcollin Old French Dolls? Read our guide for facts and info on these historic dolls…The Petitcollin doll factory was established by Nicolas Petitcollin in 1860 and is located in the charming town of Etain, France. The facility began to manufacture dolls in 1901 and by the time the dolls became popular in the [...]

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Parisian Barbie

Want to learn more about the Parisian Barbie? Read on for facts and info on this popular doll to hail from Paris France…Barbie is named after a real girl called Barbra Handler who was the daughter of the creators of Barbie, Ruth and Elliot Handler. Barbie’s mother decided to create a three dimensional female adult [...]

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