French Fashion Dolls

Want to buy a French fashion doll? Want to know about the most fashionable & new dolls available? Our guide to French fashion dolls gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Beautiful French fashion dolls have always been closely bound with the fashion of France. English Queens would send for fashions from Paris, France as early as the fourteenth century. They were rumored to be unsatisfied with the fashions that were offered in their country.

The use of French fashion dolls was the easiest way to show the fashions to foreigners in full and made them easy to copy the style and detail to the tailors in Paris, being that the fashion doll was introduced long before the use of a woodcut or copperplate. The beauty and detail of French fashion was better seen on the dolls than if it was only described vaguely by word of mouth.

Fashion Doll Crochet

French fashion dolls were sent to every European court by Louis the XIV. Louis the XIV wanted all of Europe to know of the fashions of Paris. The beautiful fashion dolls were dressed in the latest styles and colors just like the ladies of Paris would have their dolls fashioned similar to themselves. This would include not only the dress but also the footwear, accessories, handbags and hats the real noble women would wear.

Fashion Doll Pattern

To do this the tailor would take the clothes from the French fashion doll and make a pattern for the dress for the customer. The details in these remakes were painstaking but always beautiful. If the tailor could not make an exact copy or remake from the dress as a whole they would unpick the stitches of the dress and accessories, make a pattern and then sew the items back together. These patterns were then downsized to fit each individual woman’s frame. These miniature fashion dolls were passed along from court to court through out Europe and in the 19th century these beautiful dolls were sent to America also.

Candy Fashion Doll

These beautiful alabaster or china dolls still exist in the world today and you can still find beautiful fashions for the dolls that are as exquisite as they were in the beginning. There are several places on line where you can order new fashions for your French fashion doll or some owners will even make clothing for the doll themselves using patterns they purchase either online, in stores or create themselves.

Fashion Doll Clothing

To make a pattern for your French fashion doll you can use grid paper to draw the design you wish to make or by using a copier machine you can shrink any pattern to size. When using one inch graph paper you will end up with a pattern that is 18 to 20 inches which will fit beautifully on your French fashion doll.

Remember to add beautiful details that might be over looked on other dolls in today’s world. While fashion dolls are beautiful to look at and their clothing is amazing they are not made for young hands to play with. You may find it best to keep these wonderful dolls on display to share the joy and beauty of them with others.

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