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Castles in Ireland

Want to know about castles in Ireland? Discover some of the most impressive castle buildings spread across the country…It is always a must for visitors to Ireland to get a load of some of the unique castles that the country has to offer. Many travelers to the region actually plan their trips around castle visits. [...]

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Medieval Castles in Ireland

Interested in medieval castles in Ireland? Discover the architectural brilliance of the age old castles still standing in Ireland…Medieval castles in Ireland are a fine example of Anglo-Norman stone and earthwork. The Irish would make use of these castles primarily for defensive purposes. Many battles have been fought over these castles as they served as [...]

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Castles For Sale Ireland

Interested in Castles for sale in Ireland? Get a load of the impressive castles being sold in Ireland…In the good old days you had to be a king to own a castle in Ireland. Today however there are many castles for sale in Ireland and you don’t have to be a king to by them. [...]

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Haunted Castles in Ireland

Interested in haunted castles in Ireland? Discover the spookiest castles and the thrills that they have to offer…Hundreds of castles are spread across the country of Ireland. A number of these castles are believed to be haunted and serve as great tourist attractions for the more adventurous spirited travelers to the region. From ghosts on [...]

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Famous Castles in Ireland

Interested in famous castles in Ireland? Discover the most popular castles spread across the surface of Ireland…Amongst the things that Ireland is famous for are its castles. You will find castles of varying kinds dotted everywhere across the country. The castles are a monument of the history of the region. Over the years some of [...]

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Spa Hotel Castles in Ireland

Interested in Spa hotel castles in Ireland? Discover the top rated spa hotels spread across the country…The great many castles that are spread over the surface of Ireland have proved to be very fruitful for the tourism sector of the country. This is because many of these castles have been transformed into luxury spa hotels [...]

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