French Chefs Gifts

If you are looking for a gift for the foodie in your life then you might want to consider giving them French chef theme gifts. To learn more about the different kinds of gifts available read our guide for more facts and information…

Most professional French chefs have aprons especially made for themselves and their kitchen staff so it would not be feasible to purchase one of these for your loved ones. However, there are mnay theme gift stores on the internet in which one can find French chef themed aprons. Most of these are funny with caricatures of the stereotypical French chef on the front of the apron. These are usually very affordable and make great gifts for men on their birthdays or on Father’s Day.

Michelin Red Guide

If someone you know is relocating to France or going there on holiday a great gift would be the Michelin Red Guide. This is a guide to hotels and restaurants that is released annually in France in which the best are rated with stars on a rate of one to three. There are usually around 3 dozen restaurants that receive a rating each year. The person travelling to France will appreciate this as it provides information no the different French restaurants with the best French chefs in the country. The gift receiver can select a restaurant to visit during their stay and sample some of the best food that authentic French chefs offer.

French Chef Knives

If looking for the perfect Christmas or birthday present for someone who enjoys good food and fine dining then you might want to consider getting them a professional chef knife set. These can be expensive, but are of extremely good quality and enable the amateur chef to prepare food like a pro chef would. There are different kinds of professional chef knives available, made of different materials, so it would be beneficial to do some research on these before purchasing one. The best and most reliable brands are usually those manufactured in Japan. Even professional French chefs order their knives from Japan.

Cooking Classes

Another ideal gift for an amateur French chef is a gift certificate to a cooking class. This enables the chef to explore their passions and pick up some new skills which they are likely to try out on preparing meals for friends and family. This is a gift that keeps on giving. One can get in touch with a local culinary school to find out if there are any French cuisine courses that are available. It may even inspire the receiver of the gift to begin exploring their passion full time and continue taking courses and finally take up a career as a French chef.


A more affordable gift could be a cookbook by a renowned French chef. Ironically, one of the most famous cookbooks in the world was by an American chef called Julia Childs.

If you are in search of a French chef themed gift for someone special in your life there are numerous options available to you.

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