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Italian Holidays and Traditions

Spending your holidays in Italy? Want to know how the Italians celebrate their annual holidays and what their traditions are? Our guide to Italian holiday traditions gives you the facts & information you want to know.The Italians are very serious about celebrating their holidays. They are even more serious about indulging in all sorts of [...]

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Italian Holiday Food

The Italians love to eat, especially on holidays. Find out more about the different holiday foods of Italy in our comprehensive guide to Italian Holiday Food.The Italians are known to possess a deep love for eating. The unique and diverse cuisine that Italy now possesses has evolved through the years. Right down from the 4th [...]

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Italian School Holidays

Going on holiday to Italy? Want to know if your vacation coincides with the school holidays In Italy? Our guide tells you exactly when the main school holidays in Italy occur.The country of Italy expands over a vast region that has all sorts of typography in it. From snow capped mountains to white sand beaches [...]

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Italian Public Holidays

The Italians have a number of important public holidays where offices & schools are closed for various reasons. Find out more about the days that are marked as Italian public holidays.Every country gives importance to certain dates and times of the year which are honored in giving that day off to the public. The day [...]

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How Italian Holidays are Celebrated

The Italians love to celebrate. Find out the different ways in which the Italians celebrate their holidays all around the year in our comprehensive guide to Italian holiday celebrations.Italy is one of the most favored tourist spots for globe trotters from all around the world. There are a number of reasons that contribute to making [...]

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Italian Summer Holidays

Spending your summer holidays in Italy this year? The Italians have their own way to beat the heat in the summers. Find out why people love to flock to Italy when it’s hot and dry.The climate of Italy is classified as Mediterranean and amongst other things it is one of the major tourist attractions of [...]

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Italian Holidays & Festivals

The Italian calendar is loaded with holidays & Festivals. Find out how the Italians celebrate the different holidays that come during the year in our complete guide to holidays & festivals in Italy.The Italians love to celebrate. Today Italy is known to possess a unique culture of festivals and traditions that have evolved over the [...]

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Italian Lakes Holidays

Want to know about the best places to go in Italy? Discover the hidden natural treasures of Italy by going on Italian Lake holidays with your friends and family.Italy is one of the most favored tourist escape regions for globe trotters from all around the world. There are many things about Italy that serve as [...]

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Italian Holidays

Want to know about Italian holidays? Find out the important dates and days that are taken off in the country in our information guide to Italian holidays.The Italian calendar is dotted with holidays that spread all across the year. There is not one single month in Italy that goes by without some celebrations and festivals. [...]

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