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National Parks in Spain

Are you thinking of a walking holiday in Spain? Perhaps you are interested in seeing some of the amazing wildlife in Spain. Whatever it is, our guide to national parks in Spain provides the facts & information you should know.Spain has an abundance of national parks that can be used for hiking, cycling, observing animals, camping [...]

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Spanish Ibex herd

Animals In Spain

Are you going on a wildlife holiday to Spain? Want to know what animals you can see in Spain? Here we’ve provided you with facts & information on the animals and wildlife Spain has to offer.Spain contains several geographically diverse regions with different climates and terrain within its borders which means there is a great [...]

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Spanish Mustangs

Like the Spanish Mustang? Discover the beauty and historical importance of horses called Spanish Mustangs…Spanish Mustangs are one of the few horses that were part of history. They are commonly known as the colonial Spanish horse and descended from the horses which had been introduced from Spain during the initial conquest of North and South [...]

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Spanish Mastiffs

Want information on the Spanish Mastiff? The beloved Spanish Mastiff is a wonderful dog for defending livestock. Read ahead to learn more about this dog…The Spanish mastiff is known as Mastín Españo in Spain. This large sized dog was bred for its skill and strength to serve as a guard dog while tending to sheep [...]

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Spanish Goats for Sale

Interested in Spanish goats for sale? Read ahead to discover more about the hardy and efficient Spanish goat for sale…Spanish goats for sale in the United States are extremely popular. This is because they are tried and tested animals and adapt well to the different climates and terrains. This efficient and hardy animal is popular [...]

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Spain Feral Cats

Want to learn more about feral cats in Spain? Read on for facts and info on these untamed domestic cats found all over the country of Spain…Spain has a massive population of feral cats that can be seen roaming the urban, suburban and rural areas of the country. According to the classification feral cats are [...]

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Andalusian Horses in Spain

Want to learn more about Andalusian horses in Spain? Read on for facts and info on the Andalusian horse of Spain…The Andalusian horse is regarded as being the purebred Spanish horse. The breed is said to have been developed in the region of the Iberian Peninsula. On comparison one can see the close resemblance of [...]

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Greyhounds Spain

Want to learn more about Greyhound in Spain? Read on for facts and info on the controversial killing of greyhounds in Spain following the hunting season…Greyhounds are used extensively by hunters during the hunting season in Spain. Known as Galgos in the local language these dogs are exceptionally skilled and have a natural instinct to [...]

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Bird Watching in Spain

Thinking about doing some bird watching in Spain? Want to know the best places to go bird watching in Spain? Here we’ve given you the most important facts & information you’ll want to know about bird watching in Spain.Spain is a wonderfully rich country in terms of wildlife and is home to a vast array [...]

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