Andalusian Horses in Spain

Want to learn more about Andalusian horses in Spain? Read on for facts and info on the Andalusian horse of Spain…

The Andalusian horse is regarded as being the purebred Spanish horse. The breed is said to have been developed in the region of the Iberian Peninsula. On comparison one can see the close resemblance of the Andalusian breed to the Lusitano breed.

The horse is characterized by a strong build. It is a very compact horse yet moves with great elegance. The mane and tail on the horse is particularly noticeable and long. The most common color variety in which these horses can be found is gray although many other variations exist. The Andalusian horse is lauded for its high intellect, docility and sensitivity.

Although the breed was officially recognized in the 15th century it is believed that the original ancestors of the Andalusian horse have been present on the Iberian Peninsula for centuries. Throughout much of its history this particular breed has served as a war horse and was considered to be a prized possession even by the nobles.

The breed was so precious to the Spanish that the Andalusian horse was not sent to other countries. In fact it wasn’t until the 1960s that this amazing breed of horse was exported out of the country. Since then the population of Andalusian horses has multiplied and today this breed is found all over the world.

Despite the fact that the breed has made its way across the globe the total number of Andalusian horses today is less than 20,000. Almost 5000 of these horses are in the United States. There are a number of different registries that are responsible for keeping track of the breed. The registries vary with regards to the definition of the breed standard for the Andalusisan.

Today this breed participates in a variety of different activities including equestrian, show jumping, driving and dressage. They have also had a profound impact on the Alter Real and the Lipizzan breed by being introduced into their breeding pool. The Andalusian horse has appeared in numerous movies and is also a popular choice for mascot horses.

Andalusian Horse Breed Characteristics
The average height of the Andalusian horse ranges between 15.2 and 16.2 hands. It is noted for its elegant yet strong-built. The horse is characterized by a convex profile and a medium length head. The horses have long and broad necks that run to well defined withers. The chest is broad whereas the backs tend to be short. The hindquarters are strongly built with well-rounded croups. Other appreciated qualities of the breed include energetic gaits and lean legs. One of the most beautiful features of the Andalusian horse is its long and thick hair which can be found on its mane and tail.

Although the horse is known to have a docile temperament it displays high intelligence and sensitivity as well. The Andalusian horse demands respect but at the same time is very quick to learn and shows high responsiveness and works in close cooperation with human counterparts.

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