Skippered Sailing Holidays Croatia

There are many options for sailing holidays in Croatia, from skippered private luxury yachts to group sailing charters. Read on for more information about Croatian sailing holidays…

There is even a midway point with flotilla sailing where tourists pilot their own yachts as part of a 10 boat flotilla with an experienced captain in the lead yacht to render assistance should it be needed. There are over 1000 islands and islets off the coast of Croatia making it an ideal location for a fun sailing vacation.

Croatia is a land of contrasts with traditional markets and sleek modern shopping malls. The Adriatic is a great location for summer sailing with its pleasant climate and gentle seas. Moor at a centuries old quay one evening and at a modern marina with access to great night life the next evening. Some of the loveliest beaches in Croatia are only accessible by sailboat making this a great opportunity to visit spots away from the usual tourist traps.

The proximity of the islands makes short hop sailing a breeze and gives tourists the chance to explore different areas of this exquisite country. For those who also love diving, there are endless opportunities to explore the Adriatic Sea. Skippered sailing tours of Croatia can be booked in Pula, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik. Mooring fees do apply in Croatia, but are usually included in the price of sailing on skippered tours.

The cost of chartering a yacht in the area varies depending on the size of the yacht and the crew. It is possible to charter a small yacht with only a skipper, or a larger sailing vessel with a full crew. Groups that are touring together may prefer the full crew option, but it can be expensive for individuals or couples who choose to sail alone. There are a wide variety of yachts, including catamarans, available for charter.

Most Croatian charters have vessels with berths for 2 to 10 people, so groups can choose to sail in a single yacht. Another option is the flotilla which typically consists of 10 smaller yachts, with or without skippers on individual boats. There is a lead boat with a captain familiar with the area to lead the flotilla and give assistance as necessary. This option is more expensive than bareboat sailing, but usually less than standard sailing tours.

As an alternative to Mediterranean sailing tours, Croatia provides the same mild climate and beautiful clear waters but at a lower cost. Skippered charters are available at a variety of price points so it is best to check with a travel agent when booking a sailing holiday.

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