Winter Afghan Patterns

If you knit, you know that knitted items make great Christmas gifts. Afghans are among the greatest of these. For more facts and information, read our guide…

Probably like everyone else, the price of Christmas gifts have become too high and heavy a burden on you. If you can knit or crochet, you are ahead on the money saving game. Making your Christmas gifts will be much more inexpensive than buying the ready made product. By doing it yourself, you can make six gifts for the price of one finished product. That of course depends on where you buy your yarn. Also, you will have the enjoyment and satisfaction of doing it yourself.


With afghans, there is no limit on what pattern you want to knit. Possibly the main determining factor would be your skill level. But, take heart, for there are patterns available for any skill level, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or highly skilled. Choose your pattern to fit your ability and the finished product will be one that you can give proudly.

With that being said, some of the patterns will be very easy to accomplish. You may choose a simple winter white or ripple design. With intermediate skills you may choose from Christmas trees, reindeer and Santa Claus patterns or any number of others. A very popular pattern is one of stars on a solid background. The background is most often blue with yellow stars, but can be changed to whatever your desired colors are.

Along the same line, you could even substitute snowflakes for the stars, and possibly a green background. Combinations are endless.

The more accomplished knitter may opt for a poinsettia pattern. This is fairly complex, but the colors of the plant on any field that you wish make the afghan truly vibrant.

You may even want to make your afghan more of a showpiece by adding a lace border or possibly some other fancy stitch around the borders. With all the patterns available, you can easily vary the afghans so that all of your family and friends get a different design.

Getting the Patterns

The patterns for these and more afghans are readily available. Some of the patterns are even free
just by joining a knitting and crocheting site on the internet. You may also even get a monthly newsletter from some of these sources. There are also sites that have patterns for sale inexpensively. Even if you end up buying a pattern, you will save money on your presents in the long run.

Remember, afghans are a perfect Christmas gift and will be treasured by those who receive one from you. Whatever the time of year when you read this, start thinking and looking for the patterns you wish to use. The sooner you decide, the sooner you can get started knitting and having fun.

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