Famous Spanish Songs

Looking for Spanish Christian songs? Perhaps you want to find a traditional Spanish wedding song? Whatever it is, our guide to Famous Spanish songs gives you the facts & information you want to know.

The thing that makes Spain captivating is the vast range of social traditions that have interlaced themselves into its music and also its songs. From the commencement of Spain’s existence, the early Romans imported music from the neighboring Greece, the ascendancy of the Visigoths brought along with it the sacred music and chants of the Catholic church, and during the reign of the broadminded Moors, the trio of Moorish, Christian and to a lesser extent that of Jewish music flourished in chorus.

Spanish Guitar Songs

Traditional and Contemporary music has flourished in Spain contributing largely to its famous songs. Traditional music is led by the Flamenco art form. An art form deeply seeped in Moorish tradition and blending with the Spanish culture from which it evolved. While the Flamenco dance is the most enthralling aspect of Flamenco, the powerful voice of the singer bewails the suffering and the angst of the people and yet instills hope for a better future. One of the best representations of Flamenco can be heard in an “Anthology of Flamenco Songs” where the voice of Fosfortito is accompanied by the guitar of Paco de Lucia. Some of these famous Spanish Songs are “No Me Cuentes Penas”, “Que Es Lo Que Tu Quieres” and “Si Estaba Loco Por Ti” to mention just a few.

Popular Spanish Songs

Contemporary Spanish songs are a rich mix of largely French pop which in turn was influenced by American and English pop music. Combined with the pulsating Spanish music tradition, it gave rise to a unique listening experience. Some of the leading singers of Spanish songs, through the decades, are Rosalía, Camarón de la Isla, Joaquín Sabina, Julio Iglesias, Alejandro Sanz and David Bisbal.
Rosalía’s hit song in 1965 “Flamenco”, though its name suggests a Flemenco style of singing, is distinctly Spanish pop in flavour.
Camarón de la Isla is considered as a modern Flamenco “Cantaor”(singer) and together with Paco de Lucia sang some famous songs of which “Cada Vez Que Nos Miramos” (1970) is one.

Joaquín Sabina is a versatile artist and famous as a singer, a guitarist and a songwriter He started as a poet and then as a song writer and a singer. One of his famous Spanish songs is “Hotel, Dulce Hotel”, a single that sold over 400,000 copies in those days.
Julio Iglesias began to sing, semi-invalid in bed, after a car accident to lighten the reminiscence of having been an active athlete. Later on he met Gwendolyne Bellore who inspired his most famous song “Gwendolyne”. Alejandro Sanz contributed with his “Corazón Partío” and David Bisbal with “Ave Maria”.

The repertoire of famous Spanish songs is so large and the famous Spanish singers equally large that volumes can be written on them and the above are just a drop in the ocean.

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