4×4 off-road Vacations Expedition Argentina

Looking for some information about off-road 4×4 in Argentina? Get tips on where to rent a 4×4, go on a safari or an off-road excursion.

If you would like to experience come off-road action in Argentina, there are plenty of ways of taking a 4×4 and enjoying the country’s natural beauty. Whether it is beaches, rainforests, mountains or nature reserves, the different terrains and geographies allow you to have a truly great off-road 4×4 adventure.

Most off-road 4×4 tours are run by operators who can provide you with the right car as well as the necessary guide and information to ensure you enjoy your trip safely. Always be sure to get a run-down of what it and isn’t included in your package. Some event organise hotels for you if you need.

Off-road 4×4 expeditions take place in a number of areas around Argentina. Some of the more popular destinations include:

The Iguazú National Park

A favourite for some off-road 4×4 action. Breath-taking scenery and natural beauty mean there is always something to see. If you are lucky you can go on the 20 kilometre trip up the Yacaratia path which is normally closed to private vehicles due to the research that takes place. On the path you will see various life-forms such as orchids, cactaceae and bromelias, “strangler” trees and a great variety of birds and mammals.

The Northwest

It is this area of Argentina in which you will find terrain such as deserts, salt mines, forests, ravines, thermal waters, geysers, historic ruins, rock paintings and much more. Off-road 4×4 tours operating out of Salta offer some good trips including photography in stunning landscapes such as the Iruya and the Calchaquí Valleys.

Central Argentina

Experience the sierra zones of Córdoba and San Luis. The Cordillera de los Andes mountain range landscapes are worth a visit. One of the most popular 4×4 circuits takes you to the Laguna del Diamante located in the town of San Carlos. The excursion starts at Mendoza and heads towards the town of Pareditas (where you get a glimpse of traditional Argentine life). Taking route 101 you descend to the lakes area.

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