Argentina Beach Resorts

When thinking of Argentine vacations, many people think of the cold Andes. Argentina also offers one an escape to lovely beaches. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Different Climates

Argentina is a very long and narrow country. As such, it is true that there are some areas that have cold and sub Antarctic climates, but in the northern and central part of the country you get subtropical type climates. These are the places to vacation at the beach from the months of November to May.

You will find along the eastern side of Argentina beautiful Atlantic coastal beaches and resorts. They will range anywhere from urbanized twenty four hour party resorts to family oriented beaches.

Mar Del Plata

Just about any discussion of beach resorts in Argentina begins with Mar del Plata. Having been built in 1874, it is the country’s oldest beach resort. If you are looking for sun all day long with partying at night clubs at night, this is the place to be. There are over 17km of beach. However, during the summer months, it is so popular and so crowded, you may have a hard time finding a place to put a towel down. There are several resorts here and a wide variety of shops, restaurants and night clubs. Winter months are a lot less busy.


If you are traveling with children or just want a little less crowded beach, Pinamar is an excellent choice. This place is popular with the rich Argentines and tourists and is a great place to go and be pampered. You will still have a great choice for shops and restaurants. Evenings are much more relaxed in Pinamar as opposed to Mar del Plata.


This may be the perfect area for the budget traveler. There are some 74km of beach area, much of which is urbanized offering a great selection of accommodations and dining. It is far more laid back than either Mar del Plata or Pinamar. You can also find areas that are less developed and are not on the usual tourist trail.


Gorgeous cabins hidden among the foliage and beautiful beaches make this a great destination. A bit pricey, but you will be among the Argentinean elite in this resort.


This is a little more down to earth as far as prices are concerned and more easy going than many of the resorts. You will have an abundance of accommodation choices. It is a good choice for family vacations as it is quiet, calm and attractive.

Villa Gesell

This is an area that has been able to retain its small town feel and warm atmosphere. It is popular with young tourists as there are many affordable accommodations and several night clubs in the area.

With these resorts in mind, the traveler can find a beach resort to fit their budget and their desires.

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