Argentina Food Menus and Prices

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Argentina is one of the largest producers of food in the world. The pampas are home to estancias (ranches) where beef cattle and sheep are raised. Goats provide another source of meat and milk. The cuisine in the area was influenced by European immigrants and has French, Italian and Spanish elements. Since wheat is a staple crop in the country, pastas and white breads are common. Although the Argentine diet is heavy on protein, they also enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables and are especially fond of salads.

Buenos Aires Restaurants

Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city and restaurants featuring foreign cuisines are fairly common. Restaurants featuring local fare are everywhere and prices for dinner at a sidewalk cafe can start at under $10 USD. Argentina pizza is a popular local dish and resembles deep dish pizza from Sicily and the United States. Beef , lamb and seafood are included on most menus and asado, an Argentine barbecued beef is available nearly everywhere.

Top Restaurants in Ushuaia, Argentina

Lonely Planet named Chez Manu as one of the top restaurants in Ushuaia. Visitors should try the Fuegian lamb or plates of cold fruits de mer (seafood). Dinner entrees are between $45 and $55. Another excellent restaurant in this area is Kaupe, which offers a seafood menu, outstanding service and beautiful views of the bay. An extensive wine list adds to the experience. Main dishes average about $40. The romantic ambiance of the restaurant make it perfect for a dinner for two.

Dining in Mendoza

The fourth largest city in Argentina, Mendoza is located in wine country and has world famous dining establishments. Top rated by, Los Chocos restaurant features local cuisine including bruschetta, empanadas and osso bucco. They feature an excellent wine cellar and personal service. Prices were not available. The second place restaurant, Florentino Bistro, features contemporary local cuisine with entree prices that range from $14 to $32 USD. Reservations are required for both restaurants.

Eating Out in Cordoba

Although Cordoba cannot compete with the world class restaurants of Mendoza and Buenos Aires, it is possible to enjoy an excellent meal, especially for those who love meat. Betos is a franchise style restaurant with an all you can eat option. There are at least ten different kinds of meat from ribs to sausages and prices are reasonable. ILCaffetino Espresso also got high marks from tourists for their 42 types of coffee and excellent food which can be carried out for tourists on a tight schedule.

There are many more excellent restaurants and local eateries with varied menus and reasonable prices throughout Argentina. Reviews of Argentina restaurants, menus and prices are offered on a variety of tourist websites and blogs.

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