Argentina Group Tours

Argentina group tours are available to a variety of Argentinean destinations. For more facts & information on booking the right vacations for you check out our guide…

Argentina is a country of great contrasts from the subtropical climate of it’s northern borders to the glaciers in its southern extremes. The capitol of Buenos Aires is a coastal paradise that has been called the Paris of South America. Cosmopolitan with a blend of many cultures, Buenos Aires enjoys a great nightlife, wonderful dining and world class shopping. Many people never travel beyond this delightful city, but group tours offer a glimpse at some of the natural treasures offered by Argentina.

There are group tours to suit a diversity of interests and budgets, from small luxury tours to larger less expensive expeditions to different parts of Argentina. Many group tours include a trip to the blue Perito Moreno Glacier and the Iguazu Falls. Tours in the Patagonia region offer first class hotel or lodge accommodations and the glimpse of an Argentina that few Americans and Europeans know exist.

There are group tours for golf enthusiasts that take in some of the finest courses in the world from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, the southernmost course in the world. Inland group tours usually provide air travel, but since Argentina has a long coastline, cruises are also popular. Lovers of winter sports may choose to take a ski tour during the months of June and July when the snow in Europe and North America is gone for the summer.

Because Argentina is located in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed from those of Europe and North America, so a December or January tour provides beautiful summer weather for winter weary northerners. Not surprisingly, this country with a capital city literally named “good air” offers a variety of eco-friendly group tour options. One of South America’s most environmentally conscious countries, Argentina has taken many steps to preserve its natural wonders and wildlife.

For intrepid travelers who want to see the beauty of Argentina up close, guided hiking and camping tours are available, especially in the country’s many national and regional parks. The foothills of the Andes offer a perfect climate for grapes and vineyards and wine connoisseurs can enjoy group tours of Argentina’s many wineries. There are also great opportunities for “foodies” since the different regions have a diverse choice of dishes influenced by many European and native cultures.

There is an Argentina group tour tailored to meet the needs and desires of virtually every type of traveler and compared to other exotic vacations, these tours are reasonably priced. Air fares from the United States and Canada are relatively low and flights are comparatively short. For a great summer getaway in the dead of winter, or a refreshing winter trip in the dog days of summer, Argentina is a destination which is hard to beat.

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